Chapter 1, Part 1: MikieMature


I watched the girl as her breaths grew slower, I needed to do something... but if I stayed too long, I'd be slaughtered too. She appeared to be dead and the creatures piled on top of her, I heard gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing noises coming from her direction. 

A sharp pain in my foot distracted me from what was going on, one of them had chomped on my ankle, I shrieked and kicked it in the head, clutching the foot which was now pouring out blood and fat... this is what these things did to you, either ate you or turned you. I think "zombie" is a rather strong word for the situation, but it seemed to be the only word that summed up what they were. It was scary... I'm scared of dying.

But the deep bite inflicted on my leg was proof that no one can escape. I don't know how long it would take for me to be 'turned', maybe I should just go and die like the black-haired girl from before. I had seen her around school, she'd been happy, always loud and laughing. It made me feel sick as I watched the things move away from the spot where she'd been killed.

'Hey! Girl! Excuse me!' I yelled in a vain hope she was still alive, looking at her body which had been left bloody and unwanted by the undead. She had been killed and didn't taste alive like they liked people to be... well, that's what it's like in the films... But this only happened today, all of them flooding into the school. Ravenous and unmerciful. No one was going to be spared, these things may be slow and dense... but when they want you, they'll follow you until your too tired to run any longer... that's what they've been doing to us.

I watched sadly as blood slowly trickled from her neck, most of it had been drained and there wasn't any more to bleed out. I gave her a little nod, admiring how hard she fought not to be killed. But there was a more pressing matter at hand, I was currently standing on a pile of sports equipment and the creatures were slowly scrambling up it, my hand shook as I moved it towards the knife which I had grabbed in vain hope it would protect me, I was in the middle of DT Food... I would probably never take a lesson like that again. I've never killed anything but bugs before and I really didn't want to go thrusting a sharp objects into those things heads... they'd been people too, right?

I wiped away the tears that had been gathering in my eyes, sniffling loudly, I screamed and lashed out blindly, jumping down from the apparatus towards the masses of the dead...


The End

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