If this was a film, there would be the drums... the violins... the creepy songs performed by the boy choir in the back ground. But as if something like this could be a dream... what the fuck was going on? I couldn't register the blood pumping swiftly from my neck, a throbbing numb feeling spreading over my torso as the skin was quivering under the pressure of the the blood and gore the wanted to burst forth from my stomach.

I had been screaming before, screaming so hard I thought my lungs would explode and my throat rip. But I didn't, no, I couldn't scream nor cry out. My neck had been savaged and even if it hadn't nothing would have been done to save me. Everyone else was too busy running away from their own fear, not caring about the people around them... because their lves were more precious.

How do I know? Because I was doing the same until my leg cramped up, causing me to stumble for that vital second, then they were upon my, like a ton of bricks.

I couldn't scream, be saved or run away. So the only thing left to do was cry and mourn my life. I felt my lips twitch and open like they always do when I start crying... it's good to know something aside from my brain and eyes were working as usual. But not one part of this feeble body would be spared, I knew that. I would cease to exist, only living on in the fearful memories of my loved ones. I moved my eyes down and glanced at the bracelets that had been gradually growing in numbers on my wrist, I wouldn't get to cover my arm like I said I would... I wouldn't even live until I was old enough to drive a car... my thoughts felt disjointed and groggy and a hazy glow covered my vision, making is difficult to keep my eyes open.

More tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes and I let out a gurgling, blood filled sob... I wish... I could have lived a... little longer...

The End

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