Dark screams filled my ears as that thing clawed its way through the prisoner 24 body. The screams were a mix with choking and gulping. Not to mention the sound of the blunt nails digging into bare skin, the crack and snap of bones breaking as he or she was crushed. Or the sound of ripping. Flesh ripped from the bones - I presume- or it could be whoevers  hair it was being torn from the scalp. I'd never spoken to prisoner 24, never spoken to anyone other than prisoner 14, the prisoner who was opposite me. I wouldn't call it an in-depth conversation as such, just screaming at him, asking what was wrong. I can't see anything from my cell. There are just walls. Walls that are always too close. If I sat straight up in the cell I could touch the ceiling, and the walls around me. I don't remember getting in here. I don't remember how they take me out to torture me. I fall asleep here, I wake up there. I pass out there, I wake up here. I can't see a door. Any trace of one. I can barely remember my name.

All I know is that I was fed two days ago before they tortured me, prisoner 14 died four days ago..I was taken seven days before that. There are only three things in here with me: a light in the ceiling, a plastic cup of water, and a pot for my excrements. Both of which are changed every time I wake up here. I've been here eleven days. 

I can't break. That gives them the satisfaction. I won't give them that. I'm already dead inside. I've been here eleven days. I can scarcely remember life before this. I have to remember, have to block out prisoner 24 screams. They've quietened down a bit now. I think it's almost finished. A quick one. Sometimes they go on for what seems like days, but I think its only hours. Time is hard to tell here. I know it's night time when the light turns off, and a new day when the light turns on.  

I was on my way home before all this. I remember the street lights were flickering, I thought the man behind me was following me. He wasn't, he lived in a house on a street adjacent to mine. No one was following me. They were waiting in the dark corners of the street, waiting for the man to go inside. I don't know why they want me. They haven't said anything to me. They stand there silently while I'm driven to my limits. I can't even scream anymore, I lost my voice three days ago. 

The only thing I know for certain is that here I am prisoner 15. I wake up with new scars every new light. They stitch me up so I don't die. I am fed every two days. I live in a hole with no door. I can hear every movement of the people around me. I know what my holders voices sound like. I heard them mutter about prisoner 24 not being of any use now.  A world outside this seems impossible even though I remember it. I'd just finished school. Still awaiting my results, I spent every day possible celebrating the end of exams. I remember the stress and tears of revision. My mums face is now fuzzy in my minds eyes. I don't remember what my friends look like. But these walls will always be ingrained onto my memory. 

Prisoner 24 has become completely silent. Prisoner 24 is dead.

The End

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