I picked up my mug so fast i almost caught it on the edge of the table and spilled it.  I left him there at our oak table (another charity shop find), I couldn’t even look at him anymore, let alone talk. I think we’ve drained each other of all relative conversation, let alone meaningful discussion. Yesterday everything seemed so perfect, and so easy. Today it feels like someone smacked me around the face with a dictionary. I looked back at him before walking up the stairs, I had to get away, he was still staring into his tea like he had been the last ten minutes. The lime scale from our shitty kettle covered the surface. Even if it wasn’t already cold, it wouldn’t have been a pleasure to drink. He lifted his eyes from under his brows and gave me a look I couldn’t understand, it was as if he was asking me what we do next, where we go from here. I don’t know. What can we do next? We can’t just go back to how we were yesterday as though nothing had happened. It’d all happened. And everything had changed.

The End

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