Limbo's CaveMature

A recently engaged man fades out of consciousness to his fiancees chagrin, only to wake up in a mysterious state of waiting and on a path back to his wife.

I dont know what happened, i woke up in the Emergency Room hooked up to all sorts of tubes and Machines.Quietly sitting next to me with a sullen grey look my girl friend Uri, Looked on as i started to slowly fade away. The heart monitor beeped to the slowly waining breath pattern that i could muster. Two weeks before i had asked Uri to be my wife, the happiest moment in my life, we had been living together for almost 3 years, totally committed, an apartment, two dogs and a weekend getaway in the mountains i was invested in her life and she in mine. The tragic irony of the situation is that we were so drunk off of love that we never thought that something like this could of happened, Life happened, Reality set in like a spear piercing hearts. As i laid their barely alive i looked over to her and i mouthed "I'm sorry" and it went black.. all i could hear was the panic induced dirge that she shreaked as i slowly faded away.

I felt like i was falling,falling fast into a deep cave of magnificant proportions the walls around me rippled as i was crushed against their permeable barriers, when i finally fell as far as i could the thwap of the mysterious chasm floor met my back with undescribeable force.....

Where am i i thought?....


The End

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