Everywhere, but nowhere

Chapter One

Xavier stood up. Looking around, his eyes were confused. He was… somewhere. Where he was… it was both colorful and completely blank. There was raucous noise, but silence all around. It was both dark and light. He was blind and he could see. He was deaf and he could hear. He was mute and he could talk.

Where was he?

“Hello?” he said, but remained silent. There was no answer, save for his echo that was no echo. There was no answer, but thousands of voices spoke to him.

He looked to his left that was behind, in front, and to his right.

He looked to his right that was behind, in front, and to his left. He saw two beings, both were on each side. There was an angel on one side and a demon on the other, but they were on both sides at once.

This place was confusing.

“Where am I?” Xavier asked them, without making sound.

“You are in Limbo,” said the angel.

“It’s the place that is not Heaven and is not Hell, but comes after death,” said the demon.

“So how do I get out?”

“That depends—“

“On what you do.”

“How do I do anything here?”  Xavier asked.

“You can’t,” the two beings responded in unison.

“But what happens in the meantime?”

“Nothing. But everything at the same time. Nothing is constant here,” the angel said.

“Everything is here, yet the place is empty,” added the demon.

“I’ve noticed that,” said Xavier. “So once I get out, do I go to Heaven or Hell?”

“That depends too,” the demon said sadistically.

“Then I’ll wait here,” Xavier said. He was confident… but unsure.

The End

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