A kid joins the Army. A little into his first battle, he gets shot. He's dead, but he doesn't go to Heaven or Hell. He's stuck in eternal Limbo, where everything is but isn't, and he has to get out, either back to life, into Heaven, or into Hell. (This is a just-for-fun competition with DismalDread She'll have hers up. Same plot, but different names and everything. Read hers too. Http://


Xavier’s birthday was just a couple of days ago, but it was that day he made an important decision. He wanted to join the Army.

His parents, always supporting, let him go. He had expected some kind of big conflict, at the end of which everyone would be in tears. But they let him go.

He wasn’t a genius, he wasn’t an athlete, and he wasn’t amazing in any way. He was just the passing kid on the block. But he would change the world. Not with a rifle, not with a bayonet, not with a weapon of any kind.

He would prove that there is a life after death… kind of.

He would prove that there is a life after death that is not a life.

At least… that depended on whether or not he got out alive.

But that would depend on his first battle, which is just now starting.

The battle raged about Xavier, to whom the world was a blur of gunshots, smoke, and soldiers. He finally raised his rifle and fired some shots. He reloaded and fired just a couple more. He heard another shot, closer this time.

He knew, somehow, that the bullet was heading right for him. He tried to move, but he felt it hit him, tearing through his skin. He dropped his rifle and fell backwards, leaking new blood out onto the already-bloody field.

He knew that no-one had seen him die, and that if they had, they wouldn’t do anything. He thought of his mom and dad, and he thought about how sad they would be. He felt his life pouring out through his blood, and he knew he would have to leave this world.

His eyes closed, he heaved a rasping breath… and his heart stopped beating.

The End

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