Lost in the world of the unknown, Stephen searches for the familiar, for his mother or his home.

He didn’t know where he was heading, all signs had stopped pointing in a direction. It was just words that didn’t make sense, babble written on the trees. He didn’t know if he was being chased anymore either. And whether it was day or night, he couldn’t tell. So many questions no one could answer for him for he was alone.

This place offered no friends, only enemies and strangers. So he ran through the trees, ducking under branches and jumping over gaps in the grass. He never grew sleepy, hungry, or exhausted. He had become stuck in an infinite loop; run, duck, jump, push, grab, swing, jump, repeat. His mother had never taught him about this place, where grown men tremble and crawl to their deaths or where groups try to hinder you with the control over the forest, to kill you as well. He had been promised of fluffy, white clouds, not of a looming forest with the constant nip of demise at his heels.

The End

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