Anna is dead. So is Jason, her boyfriend. She now has to travel with YouTube star Joey Reed to find him in the Lost Lovers' Limbo.

I opened my eyes to find myself staring at a white ceiling.  Where was I?  Turning my head, I saw a simple lamp on a simple nightstand and a boring painting of a boat on the striped blue wall.  Was I in a hotel?

Then, the memories came flooding back... even the ones I didn't want to remember.  Before I could process my thoughts, a voice to my left said, "Oh, hey, a new roommate."

The voice had come from a tall, lanky guy who was holding an open bag of Ruffles.  There was something familiar about him, something about his jaw...

"Oh my God, you're Joey Reed!  Mike Newton!" I gasped, recognizing him from his YouTube parody of Twilight, Vamped: A Musical.  "But, aren't we..."

"Dead?  Yeah.  I fell down a flight of stairs, snapped my neck on the way down.  It's kinda stupid.  Anyway, you already know my name, so what's yours?"

"Um, Anna.  Anna Reller."

"Well, Anna, it looks like we're gonna be traveling together for a while.  Welcome to the Limbo."

"The Limbo?  Like the party game?"

"No, no, this place is the Lost Lovers' Limbo.  This is where you wind up if you've met your soul mate, but you didn't have a chance to settle down.  You have any idea who you're looking for?"

"I think I do," I replied with a grin.  If my Jason was there, I would find him as soon as possible.

"Good, 'cause I have no clue.  Anyway, grab your cooler and let's head out."

"My wh--"  I was cut off by a sharp pain in my foot as I rolled out of bed.  "Jesus Christ!"

"You stepped on it, didn't you?"  Reed sighed as he came over to me.  "I did that a few days ago.  Hurts like hell."

"Then why have one?"

"Never-ending supply of whatever food you want.  It's kinda like your own personal chef with an attitude: makes good food, but it can hurt you.  You can only touch your own."

"Huh."  I could tell that this little lunchbox would come in handy.  I picked it up tentatively, not wanting to relive that little agony.

"By the way," Reed asked as we walked out of the room, "can you drive?"

"No, I was fifteen."

"Fifteen?  That's young..."

"My boyfriend was only a year older, and he died a few days before me.  Are we going?"

"Yeah, I guess I'm driving."

At first, things were a little awkward.  I opened my cooler and got out some Twizzlers to pass the time.

Finally, Joey said, "I have some music."  He put in a CD, and I was pleasantly surprised by the song.

"You have Muse's B-sides?" I asked, excited that my favorite band had worked their best and most obscure songs onto a single CD.

"Yep, afterlife exclusive.  God must be a fan."  And so, we rode the rest of the day to the sound of songs like "Easily" and "The Groove."

The End

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