The ShedMature

Hannah looked at the ground, and she stood there for several minutes, staring, for the first while, panting. Winded. Heart racing. She was anxious, and her emotions were running wild. Now her breath returned, and the rhythm of her heart had steadied. There was a summer breeze, and it filled her full of warmth. Calmness. Serenity.

By now, the earth was saturated, as was the picnic blanket, and flies were beginning to buzz about. She started to panic a little, worrying that someone may come along and see what she had done. Hannah then tried to wipe the spatter off her face, but it made a red smear. She wiped again, only to make it worse. Giving up, she threw away the rock, and then grabbed her ex-boyfriend’s stiffening arms, letting his unzipped pants slide down to his ankles and around his sneakers, belt buckle jingling as it bounced along the ground. The picnic was also pulled along for a few yards, but Hannah didn’t care about the mess she was making for the moment.

She tripped on a rock, falling backward, skinning her knee. She winced in pain, and almost kicked David in the head out of anger, but got back up, telling herself she could see to the wound afterward. She told herself she ought not do further damage. She had to focus on the task at hand. A minute later, she had tugged David to an old abandoned shed or outhouse, and when they were in front of the door, Hannah let go of the dead weight.

Then Hannah collected one of David’s shoes that had fallen off, the food, the sticky rock, and threw them onto the picnic blanket, which she in turn rolled into a ball and put with her ex-boyfriend. But she wasn’t done yet. She ran to David’s truck, and got out a jerry can, pouring fuel onto the gory stain left behind.

Returning to the shed, she opened the door and threw the evidence in, before lifting David up again, this time under his arms, and dropping him inside as well.

Hannah looked around the clearing. She didn’t see or hear anyone; there was only the chirping of crickets and birds, and the brightness of day with her and the body. Certain it was clear, she slipped out of her dress until she was standing there in her underwear, and she tossed the bloodied garment into the outbuilding as well. Lastly, she fished around his pockets for the keys to David’s truck. She fiddled with the keys, in her shaking hands, trying to calm herself down again.

After a deep breath she at last looked upon her art, and soaked up its beauty. Hannah smiled a twisted smile as she eyed the man with his skull caved in, from repeated blows. She remembered very clearly how he cried in fear. First was the quick fuck, and then came the begging for his life, as she bludgeoned him. Again... and again... until he had finally stopped moving.  She remembered the rush of emotion she felt, as the twinkle in his eyes dimmed, as she sucked up his life force. 

Now she would fidget around, pining for more, in her unquenchable bloodlust, until she was able to seduce another one, and she wondered who her next victim might be? What other handsome man could she lure to his death? Who would be lucky enough to join David and the other rotting corpses to make her masterpiece?

The End

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