Chapter 1Mature

  I shut the door as quietly as I could, but when I turned around my mother was standing in front of me, arms crossed.

  "What time do you call this, Abigail Rose?" She asked me, raising her eyebrows. I smiled sheepishly.

  "Sorry, Ma. I fell asleep." I told her. She looked unimpressed, as well as an older version of me. We shared many of the same features, as well as the same hair colour, but my eyes were emerald green like my father's.

  "Oh, Lucy! Leave her be, she's only a little late!" I heard my father call from the kitchen. Ma motioned for me to go ahead of her, and so I went to the kitchen, where my father was sitting at the dining table, legs stretched out in front of him. He grinned at me and his eyes sparkled. "How are my two best girls?"

  "Neither of us are girls, Charles." Ma said, with an amused tone to her voice. I sat beside him.

  "I had a lovely day, Pa. I stayed in the violet field all day. I read a little, but ended up falling asleep, so I was late. I'm sorry."

  "Don't worry about it, love." He told me as Ma laid our supper on the table. Pa talked about how the animals were, and after dinner I collected water from the pump outside as Pa read the newspaper and Ma darned his socks. I washed the dishes with some of it, and took the rest up to my room to wash. It was an average evening in my family.

  We were very lucky that we had such a large house; we had the master bedroom for my parents and my bedroom, as well as a guest bedroom. My best friend, Maggie, had to sleep in the same room as her sister and her sister's husband! But she often stayed with us.

  I read by candlelight, even though I knew that it was bad for my eyes, as the house was old and didn't have any electricity yet, much to my mother's annoyance. When I grew too tired to see properly, I went to bed. That was my life. 

The End

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