Lima Oscar Victor EchoMature

Abigail is a normal girl, living her normal life on her farm during World War 2. But when she meets Jack, an American pilot, her life is turned upside down...

The sun heated my face as I lay in the deep grass. With every breath the scent of violets and warm grass filled my nostrils, and I was at peace with the world. I opened my eyes, slowly taking in my familiar surroundings. The blue sky with just enough white to make a sailor's shirt, as my mother would say, and the emerald of nature all around me. I sighed, closing my eyes again, feeling myself drift off into a calm slumber...

I woke with a start, looking at my watch. The sun had only dimmed a little, although it was nearing 7 o'clock. I was late. I grabbed everything and placed them in an old satchel, and made my way through the fields to the little dirt road where my bicycle was. I hopped on quickly, and rode it to my little town, Knightsbury. The farmhouse and barn that my father owned were in the town, but the fields were on the roads, away from civilisation.

  I waved as I passed the people I knew, which was pretty much everyone. As I went past the town hall, I saw some men in uniform outside, laughing about something. I didn't recognise the uniform, so guessed that it was American. I didn't think about it much, as I was too worried about being late.

  I pulled onto our long driveway, and was greeted by Ashley, our border collie. I dismounted, then scratched her head as I wheeled the bicycle to the shed. I straightened my dress and pat my auburn hair down, trying to stop it being the mess it, no doubt, was. I took a deep breath and opened my front door, aware that this was going to be an interesting summer.

The End

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