✖Meeting your Twin✖

She showed me her brother. . .


I smiled as I walked to school, recalling the Saturday before. I usually hated Mondays, but now, I couldn't wait to get to school. I felt a urge to see Lily, and fast!

I grinned to myself, earning a few weird looks, but I didn't care, I smiled even more as I walked into the classroom.

When I saw the scene; I froze. Lily was sitting in her usual place, next to me, but who was sitting in my seat? No one ever went near my seat. Let alone sit in it!

'Vlad! Vlad!' Lily's sing-song voice chimed as she spotted me walking into the classroom. I looked up, trying not to blush as I walked over to our desk.

'Um, hi Lily.' I smiled, she beamed back and tugged on the arm of the boy who was sitting in my seat, he turned around and I felt my eyebrows shoot up. He looked just like Lily, only with shorter hair, they were identical, right down to the last freckle!

'Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Lily's twin brother, Lucas.' He said in a voice that was also much alike to Lily's. He stuck out a hand and I stared at it.

'Vlad doesn't really know how to make friends, Lucas.' Lily smiled, patting my shoulder. I blushed again, my heart thumping like crazy.

Ever since our date-- NO! It wasn't a date! She was just taking me out to make me happy! That was all! Anyway, every since our day out, I've been feeling weird, and whenever I think of Lily, my stomach tightens and I feel like my chest is going to burst with the speed of my heart.

Her hand was still on my shoulders and, I was probably mistaken, but I think I saw Lucas glare at me, like he didn't want me to be near Lily. I was in a little bit of shock. But surely, that couldn't be right, could it? I mean, it's not like he's in love with her own sister or anything. That'd just be really weird.

But, sure enough, while Lily babbled on about how glad she was that Lucas was feeling better, Lucas stared at me with every ounce of hatred he had. If this kept up, I think I'd have to mush Lily's hand off my shoulder.

But, oh no, I didn't get to go that because Lucas threw himself at Lily, hugging her. I staggered back in shock and the whole class went silent.

'Lily!!! I'm soooooo glad I could come to school with you!' He cried, hugging her tighter, 'I always wanted to meet the people you talked about! This is going to be sooooo much fun!' He turned to me, 'isn't it, Vladamir?'

I looked at him in shock. This guy really doesn't like me, does he?

'Well, Lily, I'm kind of scared about this, so hang I play with you and Vlad?' He smiled, looking like a child.

'Yay! Sure!' Lily beamed, nodding her head, 'Vlad is very nice and he's my friend, he can be yours too!' I blushed at her comment, but didn't miss the loathsome look Lucas shot at me

'Yup! I wont let you two have a minute alone together! We'll be great friends!' Lucas said in a giddy voice.

I think Lily was the only one in the room who didn't get the true meaning behind the words that had just tumbled from Lucas' lips. I tried not to scowl, so I grinned back at Lucas like I didn't care, and nodded.

He glared at me, then grinned back, but I saw traces of malice in that grin. I don't think he and I were going to be friends any time soon.

'Yeah! You can spent every minute of every day with Vlad and me, Lucas! I wont let you be lonely!'

I was practially weeping inside, this boy just had to come along when the mood between Lily and I was getting good! 

I think my happy little bubble called life just popped


The End

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