✖Day Out✖

{Long chapter warning}

She showed me the meaning of fun.

It was ten o' clock Saturday morning and I was too tired to get up. I opened my eyes and squinted, it shouldn't be this dark on a moring. Or was it still night? No, the fact that it was so dark was because there was a shadow of a girl looming over me!! It was too big to be Rin and too small to be mum. WHO WAS IT?!

'Wake up, Vlad! Your mother let me in, she's very nice isn't she? You better get dressed, I'm taking you to the theame park today because I heard you stay at home alot on weekends.' A familiar, misty voice told me.

'LILY?! W-w-what are you doing in my room!?'I gasped, jumping out of bed.

'You're mum let me in, Vlad,' she smiled then looked around, 'your room is very tidy. I didn't expect that.'

'Bu-bu-bu..' Was all I could burble.

'Lily, dear! Come down, I've made you some tea!' Shouted my mum.

'Yes, Mrs Hopkins!' Called Lily, she smiled at me then squeezed my hand, 'I hope Vlad and I can have a fun day.'

On that note, she walked out, and I was only able to stand there feeling shocked. What was Lily doing here? More to the point, WHY is she here?

I quickly changed into some jeans and a hoodie(both black... thanks mum) and bound down the stairs to find my mother and Lily sitting down and talking about classic novels.

I smiled and sat down on the single chair near the coffee table to shove on my shoes.

'Ah, Vlad smiled again. I'm glad!' Beamed Lily. My mother grinned and left the room quietly.

'Lily, why are you here, don't you live really far away?'I asked.

'Yes, I do! But you told me where you lived, so I decided to take Vlad out to the amusment park because you said you never go out often. I just wanted to make Vlad happy. . . I'm sorry if I'm being a bother.' She said, here voice going from happy to sad. She looked down, her expression was guilty.

'N-no! You're not being a bother to me! Thanks, Lily.' I stammered, blushing.

'Good! Because I'd feel really bad if I was being a bother to Vlad. . .'She murmured, her cheeks turning pink.

After winning over some money from my parents, we set out to catch the bus to the theame park. People stared, and I tried to look cool, collected and proud like Lily did. I mean, I'd probably stare if I saw a boy clad in black--hair and all-- and a innocent looking blonde girl wearing a light blue denim skirt and a floaty pink top.

We looked odd together, but in a weird way, it looked perfect. Ahh! What am I saying?! Were not dating! Were JUST friends!!

'Vlad are you okay?' She asked, looking very worried.

'Yes, I'm fine. Me and my mind are just having a fight.' I said in a dorkish voice. Geez! Why do I have to so weird today?

'Oh, well, I see! Please do tell me who wins.' She said seriously. This girl... she thought I was serious? She's so innocent it's sinful.

On the bus journey, we talked about our families and home life. Lily lives on a farm in the country side with her mother, father and ill twin brother and has all her life.

'Vlad, were nearly there. . . but can I please ring the bell?' She asked, looking a bit sheepish.

'Yes, of course!' I smiled. She leaned over me, making me blush and pressed the button with a streached out finger. I saw she had nail varnish on, a lurid blue. It was very pretty.

'I like your nail polish!' I blurted out without thinking. She looked at me, her eyes a little wide.

'Ah, thankyou. It makes me feel good because Vlad likes it!' She smiled.

The bus hissed, then stopped. We scrambled out of the bus and I whistled as I looked at the park. There kids screaming and rides rattling. It looked so alive. The whole place was buzzing with excitement. I grinned, I was really pumped up because I've never been out as in out before.

'Come on. Let's go then!' Lily exclaimed, holding out a hand. I stared at it for a seconed, then my face flushed as I took it and she pulled me along with her.

When we allowed into the park Lily let go of my hand and I don't know why, but it suddenly felt very empty. Ahh! I did it again! Why am I suddenly thinking like that?!

'I think because this is Vlad's first time, we should start on a easy ride!!' Lily told me seriously, then pointed to the 'Roaring Dragon'. It didn't look very calm, easy or placid! There were people screaming on it as it went round and around.

'O-o-okay. . .' I muttered. But it looked kind of daunting up close.

The line was short so we got to the ticket booth quickly.

'Two please!' Lily told the guy in the booth.

He showed us to our carrige and locked the bar into place. My tummy was doing flips and my hands were sweating a little. The fact that it was my first time on a roller-coaster was only part of it. But the biggest part was that I was so close to Lily.

A few other people scrambled onto the ride then it made a weird 'kuuuuuush' noise and started. It was slow at first then gradually built up speed. Soon(maybe too soon), we were doing loops and going down drops that left my stomach behind.

When the coaster finally stopped, I felt really wind-swept and refreshed. We stumbled out off the platform to find that a wind had suddenly come from the north.

'Lily, that--' I stopped, and stared. Lily was holding her messed up hair to the sides of her face and her eyes were all big and earnist.

'Gah!' I coughed, putting a fist to my mouth. How could she look so beautiful? It's not fair how she can just be caught up in some wind and look amazing.

She put a hand on my shoulder, 'Is Vlad feeling sick?'

'No! I was gonna say, that was really really fun! Next time, let's go on a bigger one!'I exclaimed in a weak voice.

'Yay! That is wonderful! But before we go on another ride, can we go in the 'Ghost House~'?! It looks really cool, and I've never had the guts to go in it before, but now Vlad is with me so I think I can do it!' She said all in one breath.

'Oh, okay!' I smiled, I was really happy that Lily felt brave because of me!

We went into the haunted house with quiet, cautious steps.

A big, creepy mask covered in red swung out at us, I jumped and took in a socked voice.

'KYAAAAAAAA!!!' Screamed Lily, but she didn't cling onto my arm like I expected, she swung her arm out and punched the creepy thing.

And from then on, every time something or someone jumped out at us, she beat it up yelling, 'NOOO!!! AHHH! STAY BACK!'

When we got out, Lily was panting and I was staring at her, feeling really suprised.

'Heh...' I snorted, she looked up at me, 'Hahahaaa!!' I ended up laughed really hard. I just couldn't help it, I didn't expect such a calm, peacful, innocent girl could be so violent. And her face, her face when she screamed, it was so funny!

'What are you laughing at?!' She asked, poking my shoulder.

'Y-y-you... I can't beleive you...hehe, 'I said inbetween something that sounded like,uhh, giggles,'just when I... think I know you better... you go and suprise me even more!'

'Oh. . . That.. well I don't like feeling scared, you see.' She muttered, and looked (for the first time since I've met her) embarassed. She rubbed the back of her head, looking bashful.

'I don't mean that in a bad way, Lily. I think it's great that you can show a non-vunerable side.' I smiled. her big green eyes widened and she blushed, biting her lip.

And from then on, we had a great day. We went on nearly all the rides and ate sweets and just generally had a fun time.

Thats right, only Lily can show me how to have this much fun. Only Lily can truly make me feel warmth inside.


The End

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