✖The Family✖

My Family

I was still in a daze when I got home. Was Lily really that incredible? Could she really give up all that for one person she didn't even know?

'Big bwover, are you okway?' My little sister,Rin(HER name means dark and cold), asked. Her big brown eyes stared at me, she looked worried.

'Big brother is okay, Rin. You don't need to worry.'I smiled, patting her on the head. At that moment, my dad walked in.

'Mia! Mia! Come look!! It's a cute moment between brother and sister!! Quick, bring the camera!!' He squealed happily. Dispite my dad's appearence, he's actually a bit..how to put it? A bit of a cute-things-lover; thats the only way to describe it. And my mums quite sarcastic and rude so she always sets him in line.

'David, how many times? You broke the camera two months ago!' Mum snapped. Walking in holding a glass of wine, my mother wear these lone red dresses with big slits up the side. She says it's because it reminds her of the 'olden days'.

So this is my family, a three-year-old lolita, an idiot and a control freak.

'Vlad, go get changed. Were having dinner in half an hour, please feed the cat and the budgie needs his cage cleaning.' Mum ordered me. I groaned and she grinned.

'I was jooking, your dad'll do it. But do get changed, I got you some new clothes.' She laughed.

New clothes? Great. For once, I'd really like to go to a normal shop and buy my own normal clothes. But my mum'd be really upset if I didn't wear the clothes she buys for me.

I walked to my room and sat down on the bed, sighing. I turned over and hugged my pillow. This was my life and I better just accept it. I should just accept that I was born and raised a goth. I should just sccept that the old lady who scowls at our house is just a miserable old bat. And I should just accept that my life is always gonna be suckish.

That just how  my life is going to be.


The End

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