✖True Friendship✖

She really wants to be with me

Soon it was finally lunch-time. I walked outside and Lily trailed along behind me.

'You can go eat with your other friends, it'll be embarassing for you if you eat with me, wont it?' I said in a urgent voice.

'Do you not want me to eat with you, Vlad?' She asked in a soft voice.

'No! I very much want to each my lunch with you! It's just, I don't want you to be bullied like me.' I whispered.

'I want to eat with Vlad and that my decision! I don't care what others think!' She said in a strong voice.

My eyes widened as I looked at her determined face, I smiled at her and beckoned her to the tree-bench which is where I would usually eat lunch alone.

'You smiled! Thats wonderful! Incredibly wonderful!' She said in a quiet but happy voice.


'You smiled at me. I'm happy.' She sighed. Then she sat down on the bench and opened her bag to pull her lunch out. I sat down next to her and got out my own sandwhich.

'Lily, can I ask you something?' I mumbled, she nodded and I put down my sandwhich, 'why is it your so determined to be my friend?'

She stooped eating her biscuits for a second and looked very thoughtful, 'because when I walked into the classroom, everyone was sitting away from Vlad and looking at him with scared expressions. I wanted to show them you weren't scary. And then I decided I wanted to be Vlad's friend. Even if it meant me not having any of my own.'

I was speechless. She would give up her whole school reputation for my friendship? Was that really possible? Would she really abandon all of that for one person?

'W-w-why?' That was the only word I could get out my mouth.

'Because I knew from the first time Iset my eyes on Vlad we were perfect for eachother. Like a puzzle. I knew right from the start that Vlad and I were gonna be best friends.'

The End

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