✖I'll Folow You✖

She does not waver

As soon as homeroom finished, I stumbled out of the classroom quickly. The new girl, Lily, glided along beside me with a dreamy expression on her face. I looked at her calm face, she really was very cute.

Her sparkling eyes met mine and she smiled at me gently. My face flushed and I covered my cheeks with my hair.

'Are you sure you want to be friends with someone like me? I mean, people with make fun of you!' I told her, I didn't want someone with such a gentle personality to get hurt.

'Vlad.' She said simply, 'as long as Vlad likes me and wants to be my friend, I will follow you!' She smiled again, it was a genuine smile. She really wanted to be my friend!

I looked at her perfect pale face and into her clear, loyal green eyes. There was no trace of a lie there. She caught me looking and her pale cheeks turned a little pink.

As we walked down the corridoor, people stared at us. Whipering, snickering and pointing. But no matter what snide comments were directed at us, Lily kept her head high. I really admired her for that, she really was an amazing girl to never waver in the halls of a scary school with other cruel students looming over her.

'Who's the girl batman is with? She's well ugly!!' Someone cackled. Lily didn't notice, but I did. I turned my head round and glared at that person. They blanched and looked away.

'Ah! Whoops!' Lily cried out. She was on the floor, 'I'm sorry--'

'Lily! Are you okay? Are you hurt?' I asked her, helping her up.

'No, I just tripped over this guys foot.' She said, smiling wistfully.

Tripped over my arse, he tripped her up the idiot!

'Were up here.' I said to Lily, pointing to one of the rooms further up the towerblock.

'Okay, these towerblocks sure are high!' She said in a delighted voice, as though she was a little kid seeing a zoo for the first time.

She smiled at me and we walked up to the classroom... together.

Ah, that Lily, she has the power to make me feel better when things are bad. All through the lesson, when people were rude and crude, she kept giving me little smiles as though to encourage me. This was the first time anyone had taken notice of me in a good way. This was the first time anyone had made me blush proporly. This was the first time anyone, anyone had made me feel happy inside.

The End

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