✖Meeting You✖

I met Lily

I stepped into the classroom and the everyone went silent. I walked to my seat with my head bowed. The teacher didn't even make a comment about me being late. This is how it is.

'Uhh . . . As I was saying, we have a new student today. She'll be arriving soon and I hope you'll all make her feel welcome !'Sir blurted quickly.

There was a light knock on the door and a girl peered inside. She smiled and pushed it open.

'Sorry I'm late, Mr. Teacher!' She said in a light, airy voice. A few of the class snickered and forced back their laughs. But the new girl just ignored them, still smiling.

'Ah! Uh-mm. Class, this is Lily Skye. She is out new student and has come to start over in our school!!'

'Yes, I hope I can create some wonderful new memories here!!'She beamed. She caught my eye and smiled.

My eyes widened, that was the first person outside of my family to every smile at me. My cheeks went red and I looked down. She said something to Sir and he nodded, looking wary. Lily came and sat down next to me.

She was very . . . elven looking. She had long white hair that fell to her waist in curles. Her clear green eyes were like emeralds and her skin was as pale as mine but incredibly soft looking. She looked like she was glowing, thats the only way I can put it. And her hands! Her hands were elegant and thin, but her nails her rought and a bit dirty; as though she'd been playing in mud.

'Hello! I'm Lily, I hope we can be friends!' She twinkled. The class had a collective gasp and stared at the new girl in disbeliefe.

'Uhh... are you sure you don't wanna make friends with some other people. Actually, were you talking to me and not someone else.' I stammered.

Her eyes were serious and she grinned, 'I'm quite sure I was speaking to you! And I also think that it's commen courtersy togive your name!!' She giggled.

'Oh! I'm sorry!! I'm Vlad Hopkins. And, uhh, I hope we can be friends also.'I said quietly.

And thats when I made my first friend.

The End

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