''This is all your fault, Finn!''

''Me? It was your idea, Freya!''

''My idea? It was Roland's!'' 

''None of this would have happened if Roland knew how to tell the time on a bloody clock!''

''Great, now Jayde's crying!''

''Could you all be quiet? This is detention, not a tea party!''

A few hours earlier.

Boredom was never a good thing around the five friends. Well, not all of the five friends. Jayde never seemed to be bored. She always had something to read, something to research. Freya always enjoyed herself as well, there were always Pokémon for her to play with. She didn't enjoy practical jokes, but she did have the same mischievous personality as her brother, which led her to getting her brother and friend in trouble (while she herself got away with everything).

The other three on the other hand, could not cope with boredom that well. On the contrary. When these three got bored, bad things happened. Especially when it came to Roland and Finn. After this little 'incident' the rest of the group swore to make sure the two boys never got bored again.

You see, Roland and Finn came up with the most ridiculous (and dangerous) ideas to pass the time. Lily, having nothing to do, just went along with it from time to time.

One time they dressed up Slakoth in dresses, but to be fair, this was all Freya's idea. It was extremely unfair when Roland was the only one to receive punishment.

One of Finn's most briliant ideas (or so he says himself) was putting a Muk in Mrs. April's bed. Where he got the Muk is still an unsolved mystery. Mrs. April of course didn't think this was funny, and punished both boys (Finn had been helped by his partner in crime of course) with detention for two days straight. Naturally, it didn't stop there.

This time Lily decided to join the two guys, since she didn't have anything to do and Finn's idea sounded really funny. Thus, the three friends set out to find themselves a Happiny. You might wonder what they were going to do with the baby Pokémon. See, ever since that first school day, Finn had wanted to play a prank on Mr. Kaplan. When they found out about his greatest fear just yesterday, how could they pass up this fine opportunity to prank him?

So where does the Happiny come in, you ask? Well, Mr. Kaplan's greatest fear, is Happiny. Yes, I am talking about the cute little pink Pokémon that evolves into Chansey. The one and the same. For some weird reason (Lily and her friends suspect that it had to do with some kind of childhood trauma) Mr. Kaplan is deadly afraid of the cute little baby Pokémon.

Finding a Happiny wasn't as hard as the trio had expected. After asking around a bit, they learned that they could find one in the Vien Forrest. They weren't really allowed to leave the School grounds, but they also weren't allowed to prank on their teachers, so...

After capturing the Happiny they quickly returned to the School. Thankfully, no one had noticed that they were gone, so they didn't get in any trouble. Trouble would come later though, when Mr. Kaplan found out that his two best students had been behind the appearance of the egg-like Pokémon.

The teacher's high-pitch screams could be even heard in the neighbouring town of Vien Town. Needless to say, Mr. Kaplan did not like the little surprise. Roland however, had somehow got away with. No one knew how, but since he alone had paid for the Slakoth incident, Finn and Lily weren't mad.

As you can see, the friends- except Jayde -had a knack for getting into trouble (or in Freya's case getting others into trouble). Roland's motto was 'When in boredom, do as Fred and George Weasley do'. Well, after 'Rules are meant to be broken' of course, which was definitely his life motto.

It was the end of May, and they had been at the School for almost two months. Finn and Roland were itching to play a prank that Roland had thought up a few days ago. The only problem was that they needed help. Not only Lily's, but Freya and Jayde's as well. Lily would definitely help if they asked her at the right moment (when she had nothing to do). Freya would need some convincing, but in the end, she would come through. The only problem was Jayde. Jayde didn't like pranking. Actually, she hated it. She put up with it because she liked her friends, but the other first years wondered why in the name of Celebi she was friends with Finn and Roland.

They never included Jayde in their scheming, but this time, they really needed her help.
Thus why that evening they confronted her in the library.

''Please Jayde! We really can't do it without you.'' Finn begged.

''Good,'' the small girl scoffed. ''Pranking is mean.''

''We're not being mean, Jayde,'' Roland pleaded. ''Come on, it's not like we keep playing pranks on the same people!''

''Yeah, there was Mrs. April, Mr. Kaplan, Freya, Lily, the seniors, Janice-''

''It's still mean!'' Jayde said. She closed her book and stormed off.

''We're never going to convince her,'' Roland sighed. ''Maybe we should think of another way...''

Finn however, had a glint in his eyes, which could only mean that he had a 'brilliant' idea.

''We probably won't...''


''Not you too!'' Jayde cried. ''Can't you just leave me out of it?''

''Come on, Jay! We really, really need your help!'' Freya pleaded.

''We'll make sure that you won't get into trouble.'' Lily promised

Jayde stared at her two best friends. Why couldn't they all just leave her alone? Surely there was someone else who could help them?

''What about Peter? He's studying to become a Mechanic as well. He probably knows how to help you.'' Jayde offered. Why couldn't her friends understand that she just didn't want to get into any trouble?

''No, Peter is no good, Jay! We need you.'' Freya stared at the redhead with puppy dog eyes.

 ''I solemnly swear that no one will ever know that you were involved.'' Lily added.

The two Ranger girls were looking at their friend as if they were about to drop onto their knees and beg her.

''You promise I won't get into any trouble with the school?'' Jayde asked doubtful, about to give in. The two girls nodded quickly.

''Fine.'' Jayde sighed, knowing full well that she would regret it later on.

''Yay, thanks Jay!''

Her two friends jumped at her two give her a big Ursaring hug.

''You won't regret it!'' said Freya. Oh, she would definitely regret it.


Roland's brilliant idea involved a harmless substance (which had to be made by Jayde) that would turn someone pink (Freya thought it would be absolutely adorable to make the Bidoof pink and thus she agreed to help. Jayde thought that if they only made the Bidoof pink- and not the teacher -maybe they wouldn’t get into so much trouble after all). Finn and Roland had other plans however. Their real 'victim' was Mr. Kaplan, who would just look lovely in pink.

Unfortunately, this went completely wrong. As Lily would state a few hours later, Roland really needed to learn how to read the time. Instead of throwing the substance on an unsuspecting Mr. Kaplan, or even a Bidoof, the grey haired boy threw it on someone else. To his and his friends' horror, he had thrown it on Mrs. April, who looked like a very angry Jigglypuff.

Jayde, who had thought that they would pull the prank on the Bidoof, was still there and about to cry. You won't get into any trouble! Promise! Yeah, right.

Freya and Lily were ready to strangle the two boys, for not telling them their true plan, when Finn whispered in shock ‘You’re not Mr. Kaplan!’. And Mrs. April, oh Mrs. April was so done with the five friends, especially Finn and Roland.

Thus, the five friends found themselves in detention about an hour later (after a speech from Mrs. April and a talk with the headmaster).

''This is all your fault, Finn!'' Freya yelled at her brother.

''Me? It was your idea, Freya!'' Finn shot back.

''My idea? It was Roland's!'' Freya yelled back, not believing what she was hearing.

''None of this would have happened if Roland knew how to tell the time on a bloody clock!'' shouted Lily, who gave Roland a dirty look.

''Great, now Jayde's crying!'' said Roland, who felt really guilty for including the poor Mechanic in training.

The door to the detention classroom opened.

''Could you all be quiet? This is detention, not a tea party!'' Mrs. April yelled. And thus the five friends sat there in silence. Cursing each other for their bad luck. Needless to say, this would not be their last time in there.

Author's note: Really sorry that it took me so long to update. School has started and I'm pretty much using all my free time to study for my CPE and editing my book. Hope you liked this one! And yes, Harry Potter exists in my Pokémon universe. I wanted to change 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do' and thought that Roland would really look up to the Weasley twins. 

The End

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