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Author’s note: Oh my gosh guys I am so sorry it took me so long to update this story! 
By the way, I just checked the characters’ profiles and I once wrote that Roland loves ‘running through the fields’… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnE1SzGR4_U Look I found Roly. Look at him go. He looks so happy. It’s chapter three! Enjoy~

It had been about two weeks since the pudding accident and the five friends had been at the Ranger School for three weeks now. They had adjusted to the life at the school and were accustomed to Bidoof waking them up and Mr. Kaplan’s strange obsession with conquering the world.

It was on a Friday evening when some of the first years were approached by some older students.

Jayde nervously hid behind Lily, while Finn and Freya looked at them with superiority. Oh boy, Lily thought.

‘’Hello, newbies,’’ one of the older boys had a mischievous grin on his face, one Lily usually spotted on three of her friends. ‘’We thought you might be interested in proving yourselves.’’

The other first years quickly grabbed their stuff, muttering that they got things to do and ran off.

The boy, who was obviously the leader, uttered a tsk. He grinned at Finn, who Lily knew would definitely give in.

‘’Prove ourselves how?’’ he asked. Freya sighed.


‘’Scared, newbie?’’ one of the boy’s minions asked. Freya glared at him. If there was one thing she hated, it was people thinking she was scared.

‘’It’s simple,’’ the leader explained as he pointed at the woods next to the school. ‘’Not too long ago someone spotted a Chimchar in the woods. Your quest is to capture it after midnight.’’

‘’Why?’’ Lily asked, left eyebrow raised. ‘’Can’t you do it yourself?’’

The older boy chuckled.

‘’’Course I can, but any idea how scary the woods are at night?’’ he looked at Jayde, who whimpered. ‘’Jerk,’’ Freya said, hatred in her eyes. ‘’We’ll do it.’’

‘’We will?’’ Roland asked, looking up from writing ‘I should not dress up Slakoth in dresses, even though they look cute in it and it was Freya’s idea’.

‘’Of course.’’ Finn didn’t advert his gaze from the older kids, looking determined to prove to them that they weren’t scared.

‘’We’ll see you there at twelve. If you don’t change your mind, that is.’’

‘’Oh don’t worry, we won’t.’’ Lily ignored Jayde who was pulling her sleeve. She would prove to those jerks that they were brave.

As soon as the boys had left, Jayde started whimpering.

‘’Don’t worry Jayde, you don’t have to come along.’’ Roland assured her, rubbing her arm to comfort her.

‘’Then how do I know you guys don’t get yourselves into more trouble?’’ she sobbed.

‘’Jee, thanks Jay. Good to know you have so much faith in us.’’ Freya joked.

Thus, that evening they were planning how to get out of the school. They had sneaked around the school after curfew before, but sneaking out of the School might be riskier. They had no idea if there was some kind of alarm on the door that the teachers turned on after curfew. If someone caught them they’d be in a hell of trouble. Especially Finn and Roland, who Mrs. April had threatened to give detention for two weeks straight if they broke the rules again. Yep, the two boys had gotten themselves quite the reputation these past few weeks.

‘’Let’s just meet in the cafeteria at eleven thirty,’’ Roland suggested. They were seated in the girls’ dormitory. The other girls were still eating, so they could talk in private. ‘’Our only problems are that we don’t know if they’ve put a security system at the door and that we could possibly trip over some Bidoof. We can’t really plan ahead to prevent that from happening.’’

They all agreed, and thus the boys quickly went to their own dorm, before any of the girls would start complaining about their presence.

‘’I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,’’ Jayde muttered. ‘’I’ve never broken any rules before.’’ she added wide-eyed. Freya and Lily laughed at this.

‘’There’s a first time for everything.’’ Lily winked at the shy redhead.

Freya grinned.

‘’And it certainly won’t be the last time. You have chosen us as your friends after all.’’


At eleven thirty in the evening the three girls quietly got out of their beds. Well, they tried to be quiet. Lily bumped into Jayde, who in her turn bumped into Freya. They all fell down like domino pieces.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

They quickly got up, holding in their giggles and burst out in laughter when they were out of their dorm. They were quickly hushed by Finn and Roland, who were waiting for them by the stairs.

‘’Sorry!” they whispered as they quietly- and this time really quietly -followed the boys downstairs.

The hallway was filled with Bidoof as usual. Their eyes fixed on the floor to make sure they wouldn’t fall over one of the Pokémon, they hastily made their way towards the door.
They all stared at it in silence, as if they were expecting that it would open on his own.

‘’Well,’’ Lily said, as she reached out to the doorknob. ‘’Here goes nothing.’’

She opened the door. Nothing happened. No screeching alarm. The friends sighed in relief and quickly got out of the school.

Lily prayed that they would be this lucky the entire night.

They made their way towards the woods, Finn and Freya leading them. Jayde had a firm grip on Lily’s sleeve, to make sure they didn’t get separated. They arrived at the forest edge too early, so they waited for the older kids to show up. After what felt like an eternity, they finally showed up.

The leader threw something at Freya, who caught it. It was a torch.

‘’Figured you kids weren’t as smart to bring one.’’

Lily’s head became one with Jayde's hair. Fortunately it was dark, so no one noticed.

‘’Well, see you kids in the morning.’’ the leader grinned, as he turned to walk away.

‘’In the morning?’’ Finn frowned.

‘’Well you don’t expect us to stay out here all night? Just show us the Browser on your Styler tomorrow.’’

That left the five kids all alone with only- in Lily, Finn and Freya’s cases -their Stylers and a torch as company.

‘’Well, let’s find that Chimchar. The sooner, the better. It’s freezing,’’ Freya said, and she walked into the woods. She turned on the torch and turned her neck to see if the others were following her yet. ‘’Coming?’’


It had been an hour since they had entered the woods. They were cold and tired, and no sight of the Chimchar. Lily didn’t want to say anything, but she started to doubt that there ever had been a Chimchar here. She feared the seniors had played a childish prank on them.

Jayde was now firmly holding Freya’s arm, who was still holding the torch. Roland was… skipping? Lily decided that it was best to ignore it. She was exhausted and really needed some sleep, she was probably imagining it.

She was now walking next to Finn, who didn’t look as confident as before. Lily suspected that he had the same fear as she did: they had been set up.

‘’Maybe we should go back…’’ said Freya hesitant. She definitely didn’t want those jerks to think they had given up because they were scared.

‘’No, definitely not.’’ Finn said, though he didn’t sound very sure. Thus, they kept walking.
They all stopped when they heard a rustling in the trees. They all hold their breath. Lily kept reassuring herself that it was just a Pokémon.

Something emerged, something spook like. Lily and Jayde yelled and ran off. Lily knew it wasn’t actually a ghost. She knew it was just a Gastly, but it wasn’t just a Ghastly. She hated ghost Pokémon. They were scary and annoying to capture. In their haste to get away from the Gastly, they had separated though. Not just from the others, but from each other as well. Great, Lily thought. More Gastly might have escaped from the School’s basement (and who could blame them?) and were probably spooking around the woods being all spooky.

Jayde was probably terrified being all alone, so Lily set off to find her friend, her School Styler ready for more Pokémon to appear. She really wished her Styler had some kind of torch option, since she could hardly see anything.

‘’Jayde?’’ she asked. She didn’t dare to yell, since she was afraid they might hear her in the school. Though they might have already heard her and Jayde’s screams from before.
No one responded, so her search continued. After a while she really started to lose hope. She had never realised how big the woods were. Or maybe she was just walking in circles, since she had no idea where she was going due to the lack of light. Maybe she should just get back to the edge and meet up with her friends there. Just when she was about to do that (though she had no idea how to get there), she bumped into something large. She tried so scream, but something covered her mouth.

‘’Jeez Lily, it’s just me. How are you ever going to be a Ranger when you’re such a scaredy cat?’’

Lily removed his hand from her mouth. She had never been so happy to see- well, as far as she could see -Finn.

‘’Why did you guys split up? Freya has the torch.’’ Lily asked, ignoring his question.

‘’Well,’’ even though it was dark, Lily could see that he was rubbing the back of his neck. ‘’I just immediately ran after you two, thinking I could catch up before you’d get too far, but then…’’

‘’You got separated too?’’ Lily guessed with a smirk.

‘’Wipe that smirk of your face, Tyler,’’ Finn knew the girl well enough to know she was smirking. ‘’None of this would have happened if you two wouldn’t have run of because of a ‘ghost’.’’

‘’I know it wasn’t a ghost, I just don’t like ghost Pokémon, especially Gastly and Gengar. And I don’t appreciate Haunter showing up out of nowhere either.’’

Finn chuckled.

‘’And you want to be a Ranger?’’

‘’You’re afraid of your own sister.’’ Lily countered.

‘’Oi, watch it.’’

‘’Or else?’’

‘’Let’s just find the others.’’ Finn sighed.

They walked in silence for a couple of minutes, when Finn turned around. Lily bumped into him for the second time that night.

‘’Let’s not make a habit out of this.’’ she mumbled. Finn grinned, his face red for what he was going to say. Bless the dark, he thought.

‘’Give me your hand.’’

‘’Why?’’ Lily asked confused and a little bit embarrassed. She knew her face was once again matching with Jayde’s hair.

‘’Because it’s easy to get separated again in this darkness.’’

He hold out his hand for her to grab, and after struggling with finding it, she grabbed it.
They walked like that what felt like eons (probably because of the embarrassment), when they were blinded in the face.

‘’Look at the cute couple.’’ teased Freya, who was holding the torch. Roland was behind her, a sleeping Jayde on his back.

The ‘cute couple’ quickly let go of each other’s hands.

‘’It would be a nuisance if we got separated again.’’ Finn shot back at his twin sister. Freya grinned, a devilish glint in her eyes. That glint usually appeared in the eyes of her brother, but when they appeared in her eyes, something horrible was going to happen.

‘’Let’s just get out of here. Jayde already passed out from exhaustion.’’ Roland said, before the two twins got in one of their usual fights.

They all silently agreed and followed Freya out of the woods.

‘’They definitely set us up, didn’t they?’’ Freya asked.

‘’As long as they didn’t inform the teachers.’’ Finn clenched his fists.

‘’They probably found this amusing enough.’’ Lily sighed. As the others were ready to make their way back to the School, something caught Lily’s eye. It was the Chimchar.

‘’Guys, wait!’’ she raised her voice a bit, not too loud since she didn’t want to wake any of the teachers. She hold out her Styler and released the Capture Disc. She quickly started to draw circles with her Styler. The Chimchar, being tired himself, just sat there, something Lily wasn’t used to. It was something she wouldn’t mind getting used to, though. That wasn’t going to happen though. Pokémon hardly ever sat still, not even when they were wounded (unless it was a very bad wound, but they would still try to attack). With a grin on her face she completed the capture. The Chimchar was now registered in her Browser. She set the fire Pokémon free before returning to her friends.

They all looked surprised.

‘’Guess they didn’t set us up, then.’’ Freya turned off the torch before they continued their way back to the school. They couldn’t believe their luck when they were back in the cafeteria without getting caught. Finn and Roland were grinning from ear to ear.

‘’Yeah, no two weeks detention!’’ they whispered as they high-fived. Freya rolled her eyes and yawned at the same time.

‘’Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. I can really use some sleep.’’

After Roland had carefully put Jayde in her bed, the boys left. Lily and Freya immediately fell asleep as soon as they hit their beds.


The next morning, though more like afternoon, they showed the seniors Lily’s browser.

‘’Look at that, they actually did it,’’ the leader said, surprise shown on his face. ‘’Guess you deserve my ‘respect’ now.’’ he and his friends laughed at that as they walked away.

‘’Jerk.’’ Freya huffed.

‘’Where’s Roland?’’ Finn asked. For the first time that afternoon they noticed that Roland wasn’t with him.

‘’I thought he was with us during lunch.’’ Lily said, confused.

‘’He probably went back to bed.’’ Jayde laughed. They all laughed at that, but then got serious.

‘’Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.’’ Freya said.

‘’No it doesn’t, sis.’’ Finn agreed.

Therefore, if anyone asked where the five friends were, they could be found in their beds: sleeping. 

Author's note: Had to put the video of the guy running in the fields in the media section. If you want to know what Roland looked like when he was skipping, watch that video. 

The End

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