Pudding. Lots and lots of puddingMature

The next day Lily woke up early. She was too excited to get back to sleep, so she grabbed her uniform (a dark blue dress shirt with a yellow tie, a green jacket, blue shorts and brown boots) and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

After taking a quick shower, she dressed and braided her long, light brown hair in a French braid.

By the time she went back into the dorm, Jayde was already wide awake, filling her side of their closet with her things. Freya on the other hand, was still fast asleep. Lily wondered if it had been a good idea that the girl had taken the upper bed, since she was about to fall out of it.

Quietly, as to not disturb Freya and the other girls in the dorm, she snuck out. She was surprised to find Finn sitting at the first years’ table. The boy didn’t expect anyone to be up either, as he looked at her in surprise.


‘’Morning,’’ Lily replied and she sat down across from him. ‘’Couldn’t sleep either?’’
Finn shook his head.

‘’No, I’m so amazing that I don’t need that much sleep.’’ he grinned a foolish smile and Lily rolled his eyes.


Finn laughed.

‘’Okay, I was too excited to sleep. You got me.’’

The door to the first year boys’ dorm opened and Roland appeared, half awake. He could hardly open his eyes and his hair looked like a bird had nestled in it.

‘’Are you people for real? Get back to bed you idiots.’’

And with those words he was gone.

‘’I don’t think Roland is much of a morning person, do you?’’ Lily asked, as to which Finn laughed.

‘’Neither is Freya, I really hope we don’t wake her up…’’

Lily raised her eyebrow.


This question took the boy by surprise. He quickly recovered with a loud laugh, though he quickly stopped and turned his head to see if he had awoken his twin sister.

‘’I take that as a yes.’’

Finn turned around fast and pointed his finger at her angrily.

‘’I am not afraid of my sister.’’

To this Lily simply rolled her eyes.

‘’Course not.’’

‘’I mean it.’’
‘’I believe you.’’

‘’No you don’t.’’

‘’Well you did looked scared just now.’’

‘’I did not.’’

‘’Yes you-‘’

They were interrupted however by an even grumpier Roland.

‘’Could you people please shut up?’’ he shouted. A pillow landed at his head. Apparently his shouting had woken someone in the boys’ room.

‘’You shut up.’’ someone mumbled. Lily and Finn burst  into laughter, which earned them a vile look from Roland, who strolled back to bed.


The first lesson of the day for the aspiring Rangers, was given by Mr. Kaplan. An extraordinary man, who for some reason wanted to rule the world. When Lily, Freya and Finn were practising on capturing some Taillow, he appeared behind an unsuspecting Finn.

‘’Join me on my quest to conquer the world, Williams.’’

This lead to Finn never wanting to be alone with Mr. Kaplan ever again.

The next lesson was given by Ms. Claire, who taught them all about target clears. The three friends, who knew all about that already, were bored to death, until Ms. Claire finally told them to try it themselves. The assignment was to find a Pokémon who was capable of clearing a crate and destroying it. According to their Stylers, they had to find a Pokémon who was capable of the field move crush level one.

‘’Hey Lily, want to see who can catch a Bidoof first?’’ Finn grinned. Lily took out her Capture Styler.

‘’The loser will have to wake up Roland at four a.m.’’

Finn’s grin widened.

‘’You’re on.’’

Freya rolled her eyes.

‘’Glad to see you both have a death wish.’’

Even though Freya had been fast asleep that morning during Roland’s outburst, she had still heard of his reputation.

And so, the match began.

It wasn’t hard to find a Bidoof. After all, they were all over the school. The problem was that they were a lot faster than you’d think. Lily had quickly cornered one though. She released the Capture Disc and drew circles with her Styler. The Capture Disc followed her movements, and before she could blink, she had captured the Bidoof. The Plump Mouse Pokémon ran happily around her in circles.

Lily ran back to the crates as fast as she could. The crates were placed just outside of the little house where Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Claire taught. She arrived just before Finn did, who arrived only a second later. Finn groaned in defeat.

‘’It was great knowing you two.’’

Freya, who was seated at the ground as she had already destroyed her crate, rolled her eyes.

‘’You accepted the challenge you know.’’

Lily and Finn quickly instructed the captured Bidoof to destroy their crates. After all, they didn’t want to be the last of the class. After crushing the crates, the Bidoof went back to their friends who were being fed by Janice, the school’s caretaker.

The bell rang, which meant it was finally time for lunch. The trio rushed inside to meet up with Jayde and Roland. Not to mention they were all starving.

Finn stuffed his face with bread, fruit and more bread at the same time. It was truly a disgusting sight.

Lily quickly averted her eyes, but Roland kept staring at the boy in awe.

‘’Dude, how…?’’

Finn swallowed.

‘’It’s a gift.’’

‘’More like a curse,’’ Freya mumbled, she looked just as disgusted as the other two girls. ‘’Seriously, you’re sixteen. Can’t you eat normally for once?’’

For once. He always ate that way? Lily hadn’t noticed that the evening before, but that was probably because she had been very hungry and had focused on her food instead of on her tablemates.

After lunch it was time for gym class, one of the few classes the five friends had together. Gym class at the Ranger School wasn’t much different from gym class at her previous school. Though from time to time the Rangers would be separated from the Operators and Mechanics for special training that was only required for aspiring Rangers. The first gym class that day however, consisted of dodge ball. Finn and Roland were all fired up, saying they would beat Lily and Freya, who were also fired up. Jayde on the other hand, looked a bit green. When Lily asked about it, she smiled and said it was nothing. Freya pulled an eyebrow and told her that if she didn’t feel like playing, the teacher would surely understand. The red haired girl however assured them that she was fine.

The five friends were separated so that Finn and Roland could play against Lily and Freya, this at the request of the former two. Jayde was placed in team two along with Lily and Freya, this at the request of the latter two. The girl’s face became greener and greener, and her two friends wanted to keep an eye on her.

Everything went fine though. Jayde was quickly eliminated from the match and the colour of her face quickly went back to normal. Lily wondered if the girl just didn’t like playing dodge ball.

At the end of the match, it was just Lily versus Finn and Roland, who wore identical smug smiles. Freya was practically biting her fingers off instead of her nails. Even Jayde, who didn’t really seem to care about winning or losing, was at the edge of her seat, hoping that Lily would beat the two boys.

Finn and Roland threw their balls at the same time, thinking that would be enough to get her. They were wrong though. Lily avoided both balls and threw them both at Roland, which took him by surprise. Now it was just Lily and Finn, who decided to go with the same strategy. Lily however expected this and avoided them.

‘’Come on Lily! Kick his ass!’’ Freya screamed from the bench. Both benches were now burning with excitement and cheering their teammates on.

Lily picked up the balls, but decided that it was a bit unfair. She put on ball back on the floor and kicked it towards Finn, which lead to some vile complaints from Freya.

Finn grinned and picked up the ball.

‘’If you lose you’ll have to wake You-Know-Who up instead.’’

Lily grinned back.

‘’If you lose you have to wake Voldy up every day at four a.m. for a week.’’


If only Finn didn’t have so much confidence, it would have spared him Roland’s revenge. No one back then knew what they were discussing, but they soon found out.

After six days of waking up at four in the morning, Roland was very demon like. No one dared to talk to him, except for Jayde, who Roland didn’t snarl at. Finn was very glad when Sunday came and there was only one time left. He did fear how Roland would react however, as he had tried to strangle him with a pillow the previous night.

The other first years had decided after four days that it would be safer to spend the night in the cafeteria, they all understood that it would last until Sunday and they fancied some sleep.

When Finn woke up just before four a.m. however, Roland was nowhere to be seen. Confused, Finn stepped out of bed, which he wished he hadn’t. The trap had been activated and he was soon covered in what he suspected to be pudding. Lots and lots of pudding. Roland came from under the bed, laughing hysterically.

‘’Very funny.’’

He ignored Roland- after all, he couldn’t be mad with him, that would be a bit hypocrite (though this prank went too far, he thought angrily) and went straight for the bathroom to take a shower. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, was he welcomed by all his classmates, who were laughing at the sight of him. He spotted Lily, his sister and Jayde in front. The first two had tears in their eyes and were holding their stomachs the latter one  was trying her best not to laugh, which he really appreciated.

It was unfair though, after all he only woke Roland up six nights in a row because he lost a stupid bet against Lily. Lily. Why was he the only one covered in pudding?

‘’Hey Lily…’’

She stopped laughing, but there were still tears in her eyes. She had a cautious look in her eyes.


‘’Want a hug?’’

Lily’s eyes widened and she tried to get away, in vain. She too, was now covered in pudding.

After that, they stopped making bets. Involving Roland, anyway. 

The End

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