The First DayMature

A Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia fan fiction. Takes place years after the events of the game.
Lily Tyler's big dream is to become a Ranger, but before that dream can come true, she has to graduate from the Ranger School. Follow her and her friends as they struggle with school work, friendship, love and the strange events that take place outside the safety of the School.

It was the day she had awaited for as long as she could remember. Today, Lily Tyler, would finally attend the Ranger School. Even though she had been very small, she could still remember the day that a Ranger had saved her village from Team Dim Sun. Lily remembered how she had been cornered by the controlled Pokémon and how scared she had been, when the Ranger captured the Pokémon and saved her. Ever since that day Lily Tyler had wanted to be a Pokémon Ranger, and now she was finally on her way. She had to wait three years before she could finally get into the field herself, but it would be worth it.


Lily stepped through the gates of the Ranger School and quickly walked up the steps. The Ranger School came into view and she stared at it in awe. It became clear to her that this was really happening. As she was admiring the school, someone- or something, the place was full of Pokémon, being a Ranger School -bumped into her.

‘’Sorry!’’ a voice squeaked. Lily turned around and found herself staring at a short girl with hair as red as fire. Her eyes were closed, as if she was to afraid to look at Lily.

‘’Please forgive me!’’ she mumbled. The poor girl looked as if she were to cry.

‘’Don’t worry about it! It was just an accident,’’ Lily smiled. ‘’I’m not going to eat you.’’ she joked.

The girl finally opened her eyes. They reminded Lily of the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back. To Lily’s relieve, the redhead smiled a small smile.

‘’Thank you.’’ she said, to which Lily raised an eyebrow.

‘’For not eating you?’’

The girl quickly shook her head. Her face had become a slight pink.

‘’For not… being mad at me.’’ she whispered. This surprised Lily, but she hid it before the girl could see.

‘’Of course not,’’ Lily smiled, and she hold out her hand. ‘’I’m Lily by the way, Lily Tyler.’’

The girl took the hand nervously.

‘’Jayde Morgan.’’

The two girls started their way to the school. Lily quickly learned that the girl wanted to be a Mechanic, since she had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to make the world a better place for both Pokémon and people through her scientific discoveries and inventions. Lily at her turn, told Jayde why she had decided to become a Pokémon Ranger.

‘’Actually, I just want to make the world a better place, like you.’’ Lily smiled shyly. Jayde smiled, not a small one this time.

‘’I think that’s what everyone here tries to accomplice- Or at least I hope so. We all try to improve the world in our own way.’’ This time it was Jayde’s time to get shy.

They walked through the open doors, inside the school. They were immediately greeted by some excited Bidoof, which both girls happily patted. Further off in the corridor, they saw a girl who was contently cuddling the other Bidoof. A boy who looked practically identical to her, was standing next to her, an annoyed look on his face. He mumbled something to her, thinking she wouldn’t hear. She did though, and you could practically see her aura change. It was like a volcano erupting really. The boy moved backwards, towards the wall, a scared look on his face. If there was one thing he was afraid of, it was most definitely his twin sister.

 Lily immediately knew that wasn’t a girl she’d want to be on bad terms with. Jayde looked a bit uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything.


The bell rang, announcing that the opening ceremony would begin. Lily and Jayde quickly made their way towards the auditorium. A friendly teacher, whose hair was possibly even redder than Jayde’s, brought them to the front row, where they were seated with all the other first years.

The principal, a man at age with grey hair whose glasses were a bit too big, took the stage. He smiled kindly, and Lily sighed with relief. At least the principal seemed nice. Unless that was a pretty good fake smile.

‘’Welcome, new students, and welcome back old ones. I hope this will be a good year for all of you. Especially to the seniors. This is your last year, so make it a memorable one.’’

The entire student body and the teachers clapped, while the principal walked off. The redheaded teacher from before took the stage and asked the older students to quietly, quietly get to their dorms to unpack. Of course, the older students were all but quiet, but the teacher just smiled.

When only the first years were left, she grabbed a piece of paper and started to announce the classes.

‘’In class 1-A, which will be taught by me, are… Atkins, Jeff.’’

Lily didn’t really pay attention. It would take some time until her name would be called, if her name was on the list for 1-A that is. A few minutes later, she heard a familiar name.
‘’Morgan, Jayde.’’

She felt Jayde looking at her and smiled. She probably hoped that they would be in the same class. Lily really hoped so too. They had become friends quickly and she really liked the redhead.

To her relieve, her name was called only a minute later.

‘’Tyler, Lily.’’ the teacher said, and Lily and Jayde looked at each other, wearing identical grins.

After that they zoomed out, not really caring about the other students. They didn’t know their names anyway.

When the teacher was done reading out the names, she asked class 1-A to follow her, since she would be their homeroom teacher. So far things were looking good for Lily. She had already made a friend, who was in the same class as her. On top of that, their homeroom teacher seemed really nice.

The teacher, who introduced herself as Mrs. April, took them to a classroom that said ‘1-A’.
Everyone said down fast, being excited about finally being at the School. Lily and Jayde were seated next to each other at the front row. The twins from earlier were seated behind them. Mrs. April took place behind the desk and everyone became quiet.

Mrs. April smiled.

‘’Welcome to the Ranger School, all of you are here for slightly different reasons. Some of you wish to become a Pokémon Ranger, others want to be an Operator and there are also aspiring Mechanics amongst you. But all of you wish one thing: To make Almia, or maybe even the world, a better place for us to live in,’’ Mrs. April smiled. ‘’But that will be a hard task if you don’t graduate first! This means I want you to take your studying seriously-‘’

Lily groaned, she hated studying. Her friend on the other hand was beaming. Lily rolled her eyes at this, which turned Jayde’s cheeks a slight pinkish colour.

‘’But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourselves. Now, for your schedules…’’

Mrs. April handed each of the class their schedule and explained some basic rules which you were to follow through the entire year (‘Rules are meant to be broken…’ someone whispered mischievously which earned a boy with dark grey hair and identical eyes a stern gaze from Mrs. April). After that, Mrs. April told them to go to the cafeteria for dinner. The kids of class 1-A happily followed her advice, since they were all starving.

The cafeteria existed of four long tables. The first one was were the teachers were seated. The others belonged to each year respectively. Lily and Jayde sat opposite to the twins and the guy with the dark grey hair. No one spoke, as they were too hungry to. When everyone was done eating, the twin boy opened his mouth.

‘’So, how long did it take you to capture the Pikachu during the opening exam? It didn’t even take me a second!’’

His sister replied with a hit on the head. The boy grumped.

‘’Okay, less than a minute.’’

Another hit.

‘’Ow! Jeez, stop it Freya! It was about two minutes.’’

Jayde shook her head, implying she wasn’t aspiring to become a Ranger.

Lily nodded her head at the boy in admiration.

‘’Well isn’t that fast,’’ she said and then she grinned.  ‘’Took me one minute and twenty seconds.’’ she told them proudly. The boy started sulking, but his sister, called Freya, smiled an identical grin.

‘’Ha!’’ She said. ‘’One minute and nineteen seconds!’’

Lily raised an eyebrow, to which she sighed.

‘’Okay, just a bit faster than Finn here.’’

Her brother, whose name was Finn, snorted to this. His sister gave him an angry stare, which made him decide to keep quiet. Lily guessed that they would never find out which of the two siblings had been faster during the entrance exam.

The boy with grey hair, who was sitting next to Finn, looked at Jayde with curiosity.

‘’So, you want to be a Mechanic or an Operator?’’

Jayde turned slightly pink, as everyone was staring at her. She probably wasn’t used to all the attention.

‘’Mechanic.’’ she quietly said. The grey-haired boy stared at her, waiting for more, but Jayde didn’t open her mouth again.

‘’Well,’’ the boy started. ‘’I’m Roland Wilson, and I’m training to become an Operator.’’

Finn snorted.

‘’An Operator? Bit lame isn’t it?’’

Roland grinned mischievously at this.

‘’You insulting me, Ranger? You do realise if we ever were to work together, I could order you around?’’

Finn quickly put up an obviously fake, admiring smile.

‘’An Operator? How cool!’’

Everyone laughed at this. Freya then decided she and her brother should properly introduce themselves, as Roland had just done.

‘’So I’m Freya Williams, and this idiot here is my brother, Finn.’’

‘’You do realise we’re twins and thus you’re an idiot as well?’’

‘’We only look identical, stupid.’’

‘’Who you calling stupid, stupid?’’

Lily quickly interfered, she had the feeling their fights could take hours.

‘’I’m Lily Tyler, and this is Jayde Morgan.’’

Jayde shyly smiled att this, and then went back to paying attention to her glass of water, as she had previously done so during the twins’ fight. Lily wondered if fights made the girl nervous, but maybe she was just being shy, like before.

Freya got up, yawning.

‘’Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m broke. Starting tomorrow we’ll have to get up early, so we better get to bed early.’’

Jayde and Lily nodded and followed her to the girls’ dorm, which’ door was right from the cafeteria. Finn and Roland also got up and walked to the left, where the boys’ dorm was.

Lily flinched at the sight of the pink door. What do you mean cliché?

The entered the dorm, which was just as pink as the door.

‘’Pink much?’’ Freya commented. Jayde smiled weakly, and dropped at the nearest bed.

Lily decided to take the bed above. She picked up her bags from the middle of the room and brought them to the closet next to her and Jayde’s bunk. Freya took the upper bed opposite from the other girls. She didn’t feel like unpacking, but also didn’t want to sleep in her clothes like Jayde, who was already fast asleep. Sighing, she decided to unpack half of her things and then went to bed.

Just when Lily herself was about to go to sleep, the other girls from her year entered the dorm. They looked like zombies, to be honest and Lily wondered if she looked like that as well.

Quietly, as to not wake Jayde, she climbed into her bed.   

The End

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