Plotting Against Lily Christianson

The phone rings only twice before Midge picks up, a sure sign she has been waiting for this call.

“Speak to me, Declan,” she says, skipping the usual greeting.

“I found her flaw, Midge!”

There's a pause on the other end, the line near silent but for the slight static. Soon enough, Midge responds to my announcement.

“I meant about your novel, not your girlfriend, mother, or barista today.”

I laugh my own response. “But I am, Midge! I discovered Lily Christianson's flaw. She's jealous, and I can see why.”

Midge makes a noise as if to interject, but my train of thought has left the platform, and we're both aboard for the ride.

“You said she was perfect, remember? And that all women would hate her. Well, she's lost out to one of those women. She's steamed. In fact, I think it would be best I avoid her for a few days, let her cool down a little, y'know?”

Again there is a pause accompanied by so-called white noise.


“I know some writers immerse themselves into their characters, but, well, you take the cake, Declan.”

Now it is my turn to add silence to the conversation. Thankfully, Midge continues to speak.

“Take a rest if you must, but remember that you have a deadline now. If you don't have a complete manuscript for me in the next few months, with a beginning, middle, and end, we might need to rethink this project.”

Almost instantly she returns to her perky self.

“Come see me in my office sometime, alright?”

I shake my head as if snapping out of some strange delusion. Then I remember that body language doesn't work on the phone.

“Will do.”

She says her usual goodbye, even though the hello was absent at the start. It's good to break routine every now and again, keeps life fresh.

With that thought in mind I exit the café, off to–

As the bell behind me signals my exit, I realize I'm unsure where I'm going. With a haphazard grin I brush off the anxiety, and set off to find someplace else.

I'll leave the café behind me for now, the café and Lily Christianson.

The End

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