Speaking of Lily Christianson

Another day, another $1.79 coffee. Large, two-and-oh, thankyou.

I bring the unmarked white mug back to my stool, becoming once again a fixture in the cafe. The laptop eases open without a sound, my document waiting on the white-washed screen, empty and inviting.

Fingers fly over the keys, tapping a swift staccato in the stagnant air. Characters dance in lines across the screen, then fold under to continue the pattern.

A pause. A sip. A glance out the window. Red fabric ruffles at the edge, departing from my sight.

Could it have been her? Lily Christianson? Passing me by without notice?

My cell beedles beside me, announcing itself to the world.


Always a question, as it not expecting an answer.

"Ah, Midge! What brings you calling?"

The voice on the other end is warm, sounds smug. "I'm sure you know just as well as I why I'm calling, Declan."

"Yes, my writing."

"Sharp, even in the morning. You must have had your coffee already."

I sigh a soft laugh.

"Anyways, how is it coming? I've finished your first chapter, and it looks quite intriguing."

"Thank you, but it's only an inkling so far," I confess. "There's much to be elaborated on."

"As always, Declan. But I wonder, when will I be seeing a little more? You haven't given me much to run off of, here."

Concern. Curiousity. Both underlined with a thirst to know more.

I smile, though she doesn't see it.

"In due time, Midge. In due time."

Laughter chimes from the speaker. "As always. I'm anxious with anticipation, Declan. Don't disappoint."

"I'll try. Cheers, Midge."

A single syllable. "Bye."

Followed by a second. Click.

The phone is replaced on the counter, my attention averted back to the waiting screen. I skim a few lines, then reiterate mentally, formulating the thoughts from memory on the reflective sheen of the window.

In the midst of my musings, Lily walks by once more, bedecked in red, vibrant in the again gray landscape. She walks with grace and care, walks a trapeze among the shuffling pedestrians.

She vanishes after passing the limits of the window, leaving my heart elated, freezing half-formed thoughts in my mind.

My hand moves idly, and pushes my laptop closed once more before bringing a warm white mug to smiling lips.

The End

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