Vlad is the son of a pair of goths. He is hated by the whole school and is one of the most feared people on the campus. His parents pick his cloths and he has unfortunatly inherited his fathers rare red eyes and his mothers pure black hair. But then he met Lily, after, his whole perspective of the world changed.

Hello, I'm Vladamir Hopkins.

As I walked down the school corridor, people stepped aside, whispering and laughing. I looked down, hoping people wouldn't stare at me. I guess it's only right they snicker and hiss snide comments.

I mean, I'm differet from the rest of them. People fear me and don't like me, but they are too scared to come up and bully me. To be honest; I'd prefer it if they did. I hate being shunned by the whole school, I also hate being ignored.

I'm not against my parents; but they have made this happen. Naming me after a vampire, making me wear black. But sadly, thats just the way my family is. My parents are goths, so our house is decked out in velvet with red and black everything. My little sister loves it, she thinks she is a princess because my mother dresses her up in white and black frilly dressed and her hair is in plaits.But me? Ah, well I'm a sorry case, I've got pure black hair and eyes that are brownish-red. My skin is pale even in the middle of summer.I'm different, so I'm shunned.

I love my family, but my lack of company has made me shy and reluctant to speak to people. I don't have any friends to me and I never have. It's always been just me.

Just me.

The End

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