Lillian and LilithMature

"COME ON PEOPLE, LETS MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!" shouted Commander Belladonna. Blue black strands of hair floated around her face. Belladonna was the only demon ever to challenge the Prince of Darkness. Foolishness or bravery? I don’t know. All that I know is that our home is being invaded by demons, and Belladonna is not afraid of the attackers.  "CHAOS ANGELS, RIGHT WING!" she commands, "Lillian, you come with me, TRUE FALLENI, UP FRONT, we have some business to take care of."  "Me?" I question. "Yes you, so come on. General Fyre, take over, there is a code 345." Fyre’s eyes widen at me as I walk down the hallway into the meeting room.

"Your sister is heading the attack, and we all know what that means," Belladonna warned, "Lucifer is getting desperate." My jaw dropped. I’m bad enough, but my sister Lilith (who had supposedly died in the Flood!), the epitome of spite and hatred, mixed in with evil intent, was very bad news indeed. "Well uh… Oh, God," I stuttered "but, didn’t she drown in the Flood?" "No Lillian, your sister is definitely alive. She was the whole time," Belladonna answered, "Lucifer lied to everyone to give them a reason to putrefy the world. All that time she was acting as a mercenary in secret." Just that instant a jolt rocked the bunker, and screams of dying Falleni echoed down the halls. "Get your armor on, and see exactly how dead your sister is," ordered Belladonna, suddenly in commander mode.

We arrived in the main hall and were greeted by a scene of chaos and bloodshed, and the screams of the dying on both sides. Belladonna curved her hand into the shape of a Y and put it to her mouth and ear, forming an audio link to whoever she wished. "General Fyre, come in; General Fyre, come in;" was followed by a hiss. "General Fyre, by the grace of God, I order you to come in!" shouted Belladonna. There was a clicking sound followed by a gurgling animal noise. General Fyre screamed the unmistakable scream of death, and then there is a hiss of static. "Shit! Fyre is dead, and won’t get a funeral. She will dissolve into dust and her soul will be stuck in purgatory," she swore.

Suddenly, the left hall exploded into a ball of fire and smoke. When the cloud of ashes dissipated, what appeared to be a teenage girl emerged, surrounded by 4 guards. The girl had pale alabaster skin, raven hair, coal eyes and was wearing what appeared to be a hair feather and a matte black jumpsuit. Hey, who said demons didn’t have a sense of style? "Lillian, get under the table now," hissed Commander Belladonna Mortica (literally!). "SURRENDER ISABELLA DONERA MORTICA, YOU ARE OUT NUMBERED!" screamed Lilith, "AND YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I WILL DO!" "BITE ME, LILTH LILITU LAMATSU!" responded Belladonna, twitching in anger over hearing her name. Lilith’s wings suddenly burst open, tearing the back of her jumpsuit to shreds. My sister then kicked off her boots, revealing raven’s claws, and the transformation was complete. She then crouched down, about to lunge at me. "RUN LILIAN," shouted my commander. And I was in the hall when the table splintered.

An enraged scream chased down the hall after me followed by my sororicidal sister, intent on gutting me. Fallen rubble blocked my way, but I made my way around it. Crashing and crumbling sounds echoed around me. My feet were slipping on the polished marble floors. I was breathing heavily from exhaustion, and only the thought of my sister sadistically torturing me to death kept me running. The marble columns and hall swam before my eyes and I fell down. Unable to move, I was helpless to flee from my sister as the darkness claimed me.  Just before I went black I whispered the words that would shock any Falleni, and break Belladonna’s heart: "I’m sorry, my Lady." But just then, the world came into focus, clearer than ever. I felt the instinct to run and followed it, leaping over the ruins of destroyed columns and speeding across the slick floor. I finally reached a room… and it wasn’t the bunker. It was the Central Hall, the worst place in the base to be at that moment. That’s when I felt the blade go through my chest, entering though my back, and piercing my heart.

I fluttered my eyes open, expecting hellfire and, instead seeing Lilith wiping my blood from her blade. Opening her mouth my sister said, "I really didn’t want to have to kill you just then, you forced me to. What a waste of blood, I want plenty to be spilled during torture; it’s more fun that way. You know, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I went with you instead of becoming a demoness, but what’s been done has been done and I have no regrets. I really do lo-," she then noticed me sitting up, "Oh, you’re awake. Good then, I can get to work."  She then jerked me onto a frame and tied my hands to the sides. "Come in Lillian, repeat come in Lillian," the audio link buzzed. I whispered to the link, "Help me," and it buzzed off, leaving me alone with my torturer.

"So my dear Lilli, how shall I kill you first, breaking your neck, or slitting your throat? And if I slit your throat, should I slit the windpipe, the jugular vein, or both?"Lilith loudly asked, bearing her fangs. I glanced up at silently begging for mercy, and she answered, "Sorry, not happening sissy." "Ah, I will slit her throat, and I will cut both the jugular vein, and when you wake up, I’ll do it again!" My sister was then smiling demonically at the thought of tormenting any one. She drew her dagger and, dripped a green fluid from a small vial on to the sharper edge and walked over to me. "One for life, one for love and one for death," Lilith recited as she cut the edges of my feathers off. "Wait a second. I’m not an angel: that’s the procedure for angels, " I shouted. Lilith’s response was to press the dagger to my neck.  I felt the cold steel against my skin, everything slowed. The dagger moved in a graceful arc across my neck, and I felt it as it tore each fiber of my throat. I felt the poison burn the wound, and the blood rushing out, and I felt as my heart stopped beating and my brain shut slowly down.

My first sensation was my neck repairing, fiber by fiber, then my heart restarted, and I gasped for my first breath. I opened my eyes, and every detail of the small side chamber I was in down to the bit of scum in the corner.  Lilith was curled up in a corner, taking a brief rest before I woke up for some more anguish. I struggled to break free of the manacles that bound my hands, but my efforts only woke Lilith. "So, the little Birdie wants to fly away," she mocked, "But if little Bird knew the truth about Isobel, would she be so eager to flee." I looked up, interested and the secret Lilith whispered into my ear would have crumbled the Falleni if I told anyone. 

At that very moment, the wall crumbled, revealing a livid Belladonna Mortica seething with raw power. Both of her 18 foot wings were unfolded and flaring red, her claws unsheathed, her fangs bared, and her eyes glowing blood red. In short, I saw her as the demon queen in all her glory. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH LILLIAN, LILITH?" Belladonna screamed. Lilith smiled, and remained silent. "Tell me," the Commander demanded, too furious to shout. Lilith smiled wider, revealing her sharp and pointy fangs. Looking at me with eyes filled with concern, Belladonna asked, "What has Lilith done to you, Lillian?" "It doesn’t matter now, I’m ok," I responded, looking warily into my Lady’s soul. "Throw that ymp into a pool!" I looked away as my sister was dragged screaming from the room.

I walked behind Belladonna as we walked though the disused prison wing, heading to the first and only occupied cell. The musty halls were dank and smelled like blood. Every step echoed around the hall sounding like the march of an army. We finally arrived at a thick wooden door with rust on the iron-clad edges. The ancient hinges loudly squealed in protest as we opened the door. Lilith was curled up in a corner, oblivious to our entry. We closed the door behind us and Belladonna said "Lilith: it’s time, you’re going to come with us now." "I will show you mine if you show me yours," Lilith responded, defeated. Belladonna nodded and pulled up her sleeve, revealing a huge scar, the place where her bindari once resided. Lilith flipped her wrist upward revealing her bindari, a bird holding a black rose, which cut its wings. "I really am going to miss you, Lillian," my sister sighed, "But, I know we will see each other again, Lilli." With that, we stood up and walked out, taking Lilith to her fate.

The chamber was small and dimly lit, with dust in the farthest corners. Lilith was sitting in front of an old table on an old wooden stool, whispering what sounded like a plea or a prayer. On the table in front of her lied an ornate goblet with gold leaf and silver inlay.  Inside lied holy water, a deadly poison for a Falleni or a demon. Lilith took the glass with both hands and put it to her lips. She tilted back her head, drank the holy water, and slumped to the floor. I jumped up and rushed over to her, and grasped her hand as she lay dying. My sister spoke one word, "Goodbye," and breathed out. I felt her life energy slip out, and she died in my arms. Tears formed in my eyes, and spilled out in a torrential current drenching my face. I felt a warm hand on back, and looked up to see a teary Belladonna. "Let’s go Lillian," she said. I walked out of the room and into my quarters and fell into a restless sleep.

I was sitting on a bench, right next to Belladonna, when the question came to mind. "Isobel, um, Lilith told me about something, and I want to know if it is true." I awkwardly asked. "Yes, Lillian?" she asked. "She told me that you murdered 500 cherubim, is that true?" I innocently asked. My Lady winced, hissing. She then told me a story, "Well, Lillian, You know about the Angelic Massacre. On that fateful day, I was there, and I was one of the killers. My mind was corrupted at that point, corrupted by evil. Under its influence, I killed 5,000 angels, and 499 where cherubim. I spared the last one, but it died of its wounds. The very next day, all of the participants became Fallen Angels." With that, she got up and left.

The End

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