“If the prophecy is right, the young lady will cause the fall of Rosenthal!” The man angrily exclaimed.

“But nothing has happened so far.” My father retorted.

“Besides, if you believe in that prophecy too, you know that she will raise Rosenthal and save many lives too.” My mother added.

I was intently listening, but am confused on who they were talking about.

“But that doesn’t…” The man stopped as he saw my dress by the door. “Nevermind!”

The man was in a tuxedo too, like my dad. He wore a symbol by his chest. He stormed out of my father’s study. Passing by me, he stopped and gave me the angriest look I have ever seen. He didn’t say anything to me and continued walking.

“Lizzy, dear.” My mother called to me. “Come here”

I walked in the study carefully. I was expecting to be berated, but to my surprise, I wasn’t. My parents instead gave me a very concerned look. Mother held me tightly with her arms. My father followed suit. It was very calming and warm.

“Did I upset you, Mommy?” I asked as the three of us embraced.

“No dear, that man just said very mean things.” My mother smiled but I saw tears pooling in her eyes.

My parents let go of me and I straightened up.

“Run along now dear.” My father told me. “Your mother and I would want to discuss something in private.”

“Okay. I’ll just be in the library, Daddy. Please don’t tell Clyde. He’s it. We’re playing hide and seek.” I tell him.

My father nodded and smiled. And I ran along.

After that, everything blacked out and there was fire. I was back in my grown up form, watching my seven-year-old self crying and my mother dying all over again

“Mom! No!” I screamed, but no one could hear me.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Happy birthday Fleur de Lis.”

I wanted to curl to a ball. I feel pain engulf me once more as I watch my mother slowly die.

The End

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