“Happy birthday!” people cheered around me as I opened my eyes.

There was a huge birthday cake with seven candles in front of me. I feel myself grin as I see familiar faces around me.

My whole family is here. My mother is wearing a turquoise gown and her hair is neatly tied behind her. A necklace with an “R” pendant hangs around her neck. She lovingly clings to my equally happy father who is donning a tuxedo.

“Fleur de Lis, my princess. You’ve grown to be quite a lady.” My father beams at me.

I feel my cheeks flush as I bow to him. I clasp my red dress, my beautiful red dress, and do the curtsy.

We were in the great hall of our estate. Red and gold curtains adorn the whole place.

In the corner of my eye, I see Reisha happily wave at me. She was wearing a sky blue dress. I smiled at her. I then approached my parents and asked for permission to leave. I wanted to play with my friends.

I hurriedly bid my parents goodbye after they allowed me to go because my friends were already starting a game of tag.

“Don’t go too far. Be careful where you go!” My mom calls after me as I run.

After a few minutes of running around the house and managing to avoid breaking anything, our group decided to play hide and seek.

I decided to run along the west wing of our house. I planned to head to the library. On the way, I passed by my father’s study. There seems to be a heated discussion going on and I couldn’t help but overhear them. My parents seem to be arguing with somebody.

The End

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