I feel a strong jolt throughout my body. In response, my body sharply takes in air in the most painful manner. I assumed this would be the feeling if you drowned and then got resuscitated. I then gag and cough up what assumes to be blood, judging from its metallic taste and the smell of rust that reminds me of my fall. I am beginning to feel pain again.

Then it struck me. I’m slowly being sucked back into consciousness!

I felt pain in every possible inch of my body, especially my stomach. It is as if a million daggers are piercing through me at the same time. I try so sit up, but I can’t seem to bear the weight of my body.

“Oh goody. I can’t die right, now I can’t even stay dead.” I scold myself in my thoughts.

I then become aware of people around me. I hear familiar and not so familiar voices surrounding me. There seems to be a commotion.

I cough up blood again and slowly lose my wits. Ah! I’m falling into unconsciousness again. I feel too tired to scold myself again.

Before I lose my grip on the now, I hear someone say “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

The End

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