The Afterlife

There are no bright lights. I find myself disappointed. One moment I was falling, and then there was nothing. I expected to go in a very painful way but my brain’s delimiter had me numb. I can’t even die right!

I drift into death. I feel like I am being ferried to a different realm. The darkness and cold slowly change to a warm feeling which slowly engulfs me. I feel comfortable at this state. After quite some time, I feel hands gently caressing my face. They are cold. Whoever they are, they seem to be tending to me. They make me feel welcome.

Here, I feel no sense of time. I open my eyes, and although I know that darkness surrounds me, I sense everything around me. It seems like a community here. My hearing slowly returns.

This place, the Afterlife as some would call, is home to all the dead. I met Milena here. She is a nice, young woman who claims to have died as an altar offering 500 years before I did. We live in small houses much like the other dead do. Milena found me wandering about when I woke up. Now, we just chat like we’ve known each other for so long.

“They say twins are running this place for now.” Milena tells me as she twirls her brown curly locks.

“For now?” I asked her as I stare into her big round eyes and her copper-colored face.

“Yes. I heard, from the people who are here longer than I have been that their scythe was just passed down by their father. They seem to die too, only they vaporize into thin air.” Milena replies.

“Oh.” I am intrigued by the facts that were revealed to me.

After that instance, she asked me to accompany her to the river. Sometimes people get ferried here through that route so she wanted to see if she can help anyone just as she did to me. We didn’t have to fix ourselves up. Everyone in this place seems to be wearing tunics by default.

Upon getting to the river, Milena and I didn’t find anyone who needed assistance. We decided to play around the river because we didn’t have anything better to do. As we played around, I started to lose control of my body. I began to panic. Something was pulling me to the other side of the river. Milena tried to pull me back to no avail.

And thus, my body slowly fell back into darkness and pain.

The End

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