Into the Abyss

“Liz! No!” I hear Rydelle scream as he hurriedly tries to reach for me. My trench coat brushes against his hand but he fails to grasp it. I close my eyes and begin to free fall.

The icy droplets of rain hit me. More than pricking me, it feels like it’s caressing my body. The darkness consoles me. I let go of all the things that weigh me down in this world. I embrace the thought of my death. At least they no longer have to bear taking care of me. An eternity seems to pass by me.

A tree breaks my peaceful reverie.

“It’s about damn time.” I think to myself. I hit tree branches over and over again. I hear things cracking and am unsure whether those were the tree branches I hit or my body breaking. I feel nothing just yet but I fail to keep my eyes closed. A huge tree branch travels down with me, although after quite some time, it goes on ahead as I hit yet again another tree. I hear a loud thud followed by a loud “skshhh” sound. I can’t put a finger on how to describe it.

At first, I feel nothing. Suddenly, all my senses awaken and I feel every bone that cracked in my body. I couldn’t move and I feel an excruciating pain. Oddly though, my stomach down felt numb and the smell of rust prevailed.

I reach down to where my stomach is… or was, and lo and behold, that tree branch travelling down with me was skewering me, and partially sticking out of my body. I closed my eyes again, amused by the fact that I was still alive.

Moments later, the tree branch I was on started to crack and move. Apparently, the tree didn’t like me that much that it had to fall to its side, throwing me off.

With a hole for a stomach, I get soaked with my blood and the rain. The pain was slowly fading away. I begin to grow deaf and my whole body started to feel like lead.

This isn’t the prettiest way to die, yes. But I asked for it.

I drifted away to nothingness. Surely, the one who said that the last of your senses would be your hearing has not experienced death yet.

The End

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