Free Fall

I open my eyes and asses my surroundings. I am standing on top of a cliff, next to a deep gorge. I stare at the trees below me. They seem to be swaying to the wind. They remind me of a dance. It has been raining for quite some time. The rain is picking up its pace. It feels like cold needles are pricking my skin.

“Better than nothing, I suppose.” I think to myself.

I close my eyes and feel the rain pour down on me. Droplets fall on my face. It’s as if the sky is crying for me.

Hours seem to pass by. I am unsure of the time. Footsteps against the damp soil begin to approach me. I open my eyes and face the direction it is from. A familiar face appears. He immediately stops at the sight of me. I stare at him blankly. He looks at me with a pained expression.

“You know” He begins to speak in a saddened tone. “You should stop doing this to yourself.”

“I wish it was that easy, Rydelle.” I reply.

He slowly approached me. His dark hair is down on his face yet it reveals his dark beautiful eyes. He is soaked wet, probably from hours of looking for me. He reaches out a hand toward me.

“Let’s go back. Reisha and Clyde are looking for you too.” He says.

I step back and move my head sideways. I feel my foot near the edge of the cliff. Rydelle freezes, seeing that I already am on the edge.

“You always look after me.” I look him in the eye and give him a sad smile.

“It was never a problem Liz. I’m more than happy to do so.” Rydelle sounds reassuring despite the tone of worrying in his voice. “Don’t do this to us Liz. We only have each other left”

Rydelle tries to reach for me.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper. His eyes widen in horror as I let myself fall off.

The End

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