On the day of Liz's seventh birthday, a tragedy occurred that wiped out the whole of Rosenthal, the most powerful city of the Country of Elesia.
Eleven years later, Liz, still blames herself for the death of the whole town. On a cold, rainy day, she decides to jump off a cliff but fails to stay dead.
Liz, together with three of her friends who survived Rosenthal, make a startling discovery about themselves and begin roaming the world, both here and of different dimensions, looking for answers.

Fire blazes around and swallows everything around it. A family portrait hanging by the wall is taken prisoner as it slowly burns. The smiles are replaced by ashes as the flames take its claim.

Outside, screams of pain resonate. The great city of Rosenthal is slowly being erased off the map of Elesia. One by one, people perish. Almost no one is spared.

At the heart of the grand city, four children huddle together in fear. A woman, with her clothes burning, tries to shield of the children from the chaos around them. As she slowly falls, she tries to smile.

“Happy birthday, Fleur de Lis.” She managed to say, as she fell to the floor. Her eyes stayed open, staring at the little girl crying, wearing a red dress. She then slowly died.

The End

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