Part One: A Wedding (Isaac)

The River Palace was very different then the Stone Fortress. The Stone Fortress was made of, well, stone. Marble, granite, steel. Cold, sleek. The Terra was the opposite — all wood and fur, earthy and natural.

    The River Palace was different than both. It had stone, mostly marble, and wood, deep mahogany. But the most impressive parts of the castle was it’s glass. There were huge, expansive windows, showcasing the breath taking view of the waterfalls. The floor was glass, with a shallow pool underneath, containing multicolored, exotic fish swimming under your feet.

    Isaac had never spent a great deal of time in the River Palace, but, he had to confess, it was quite a place. The wedding decorations only added to it’s majestic appearance. There were flowers and candles everywhere, illuminating the glass castle in the dimming sunlight.


    Isaac was pulled from his reverie by a tinkling voice crying out through the crowd.


    Isaac turned to see a bob of red bouncing through the crowd towards he and Oliver.

    “Oliver, there you are!”

    A young girl appeared, skirting her way through the throngs of guests. She caught Oliver’s arm and tugged it. “We’re going to be late!” She pulled Oliver away from Isaac.

    Oliver looked back and shrugged apologetically. “Best man,” he explained. “It’s going to be starting soon.”

    Isaac looked around and noticed that all the guests were making their way to the ballroom. He fell into the crowd and filed through the large stain glass doors into a spacious chapel setting.

    The room was normally open and airy, but for this event chairs and crystal altar had been brought in. Flowers scented the room and the setting sun provided a splendid background outside the windows. The groom was already standing in the front and Isaac knew that the ceremony would be starting soon.

    Isaac felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Charles standing behind him.

    “Isaac, my boy,” the Terra king chuckled. “Good to see you.”

    “You are well, sir,” Isaac answered, politely.

    Charles couldn’t talk for long; it was his daughter that was getting married and he was needed in the back of the ballroom.

    Isaac found his parents and took a seat on the end of the row beside them, just as the organ started to play. The bride was a Terra and she had five sisters; Princess Harriet, Princess Marie, Princess Mona, Princess Lisbeth, and Prince Ester. The youngest Terra, Harriet was the flower girl, and all the rest were bridesmaids, and they came down the aisle first, escorted by European princes brought in bu the River’s.

    But the last bridesmaid to be escorted down the aisle was not a Terra. She didn’t have the tell-tale blonde hair and brown eyes. Her hair was red — she was the young girl that had stolen Oliver. Oliver had taken her arm and as they walked, he whispered something in her ear that made her laugh softly.

    The two parted ways at the altar, Oliver to one side, the unknown redhead to the other, and then the bride stepped into view. The crowd rose and Princess Belinda walked down the aisle, on the arm of King Charles.

The End

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