Part One: A Wedding (Isaac)

    The River Palace was magnificent. Isaac had forgotten how beautiful it was.

    The castle was located in a valley, right in between two magnificent waterfalls. There were pools of water everywhere, casting rainbows in the air and sprinkling everything with dew.

    It was such a different environment than what Isaac was used to. He had grown up with mountains and rocks, a world of steel and stone. This was water and wood.

   The carriage pulled up in front of the castle and the Stone’s got out. The ride had taken longer then they had expected and the wedding would be starting soon.

    Due to the set up of The Isle, there wasn’t a lot of guests. The families of the couple were present, the River’s, of course, and the Terra’s. Princess Belinda Terra was marrying Prince Alexander River, so both those families were accounted for, and that only left the Stone’s to be invited.

    There were several other families from around The Continent there as well. Friends of the families.

    Isaac surveyed the crowd, looking for someone he knew — and it didn’t take him too long to find one. Despite the years, he still recognized Oliver River.

    “Oliver,” he shouted.

    The prince turned and grinned, seeing his childhood friend. “Isaac,” he greeted, walking over and reaching to pat him on the shoulder. “Go to see you again.”

    “You too,” Isaac said. He looked over his shoulder and saw that his parents had been distracted by some foreign diplomats. He was free to pal around with Oliver. “What have you been up to these past......” Isaac trailed off, trying to think of exactly how many years it had been.

    “Six years?” Oliver said with a laugh. Isaac smiled too.

    The two princes talked about the things that happened since they were eleven and made their way inside the castle.

The End

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