Alone, depressed, silent..

             Don’t scream… Never try to escape.



It was bitterly cold and the wind blew gently through the torn curtains, the Brocken taps dripped silently.

The girl just sat there without sound, through the darkness she saw the outside world staring at her. She peered around & looked at herself in the mirror.  Her dress blew in the wind.  There was a vacant knock on the door.  The knock grew louder until the door slammed violently.  A man walked in, Brown hair, Brown eyes.

“Hello?” He shouted.

 “Is anybody here?” The man kept walking in, his ran his hand over a dusty picture of a happy family, Leaving a finger mark as he walked by.

“IS ANYBODY HERE?” His voice echoed.  He heard fast steps behind him, he span around.  He looked her dead in the eyes and sprinted for the door. 


The door was locked. His heartbeat increased.  She held a knife and whispered “I am here…”



The man looked at her and started twisting the door handles violently.

“LET ME OUT” he screamed.

In a few heartbeats he was gasping for breath as his hand ran down the door leaving a hand print of blood. 

The world slowed, she blinked a few times and she eyes zoomed out. 

Her world was Solitary.  As she backed away her last teardrop fell.

The End

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