A Lonely Man

a young man working in a big city finally breaks out of his routine and chases his dreams

Harvey Atkins was a lonely man.

He didn't have any friends, he had a boring office job, and lived in a run-down apartment all by himself. He went through the same routine each and every day. He got up, got ready for work, ate breakfast, went to work, went home, ate supper, watched television, then went to bed, only to repeat the process over and over again. He had one solace, though, in his drab and lifeless world, and that was photography. He loved to take pictures. It was always just a hobby. A passion. Although he didn't profit monetarily, it was what kept him away from the brink of insanity and gave him a reason to keep on going. He loved taking pictures of everything. People, flowers, trees, birds, buildings; he'd snap it all. His refrigerator was covered with his work, as were his walls. Filled were his photo albums; he had a whole dresser full of them. He dreamed of traveling the world and taking pictures.

Today was an important day for Harvey. They were announcing which secretary was to get the open manager position, and he believed that he was in good standing with the superiors of his workplace who were to make this decision. He was the hardest worker at the office and he could use the extra money. He didn't enjoy his job, but he had to make a living for himself. He was one of the ones who wanted to be something artsy in high school, one of the ones that always got told "that job will leave you broke" and "photography isn't a real career" and things like that. He had resisted for the longest time, but finally, he broke and went into data processing. Sitting in a cubicle all day putting data into spreadsheets earned him a big enough chunk of change to have a halfway decent lifestyle. He wasn't sitting on milk cartons and using cardboard boxes for tables, at least.

He set out for work on a snowy day in December, not knowing just what the day had in store for him.

The End

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