When Lindsay was left alone, she didn't know what the hell to do with herself. She supposed that she should be focusing on schoolwork- making a life for herslef that would be worth living, but she just couldn't get into it like she used to.

Whereas before she would have found physics interesting and mystifying, it now seemed pointless, even fanciful, to wonder about something so far out of her reach. It didn't make any sense to be doing this when Reese was gone. When Reese was gone and needed avenging.

The few friends she had had at school left her alone after a while. She had attended a choice grammar school in the city suburbs up until Reese's death, and now she wanted nothing more than to just leave. She extended and extended her compassionate leave, until she decided there was no point even trying to go back to school. She had GCSEs, she could still go on to college if she ever wanted to.

Those few friends stopped calling to see if she was alright after a few weeks. Lindsay had kept Reese's links to the city's gangs quiet until now, and when the parents of the privately educated girls in her class found out, they were suddenly less keen on their daughters getting involved with her. There was only so much that the girls could say about Lindsay's differences to Reese when she dropped out of school.

So Lindsay started to spend all of her time on her own. She almost obsessively checked her emails and facebook all the time, but all her messages slowly dried up. Whether she had done it consciously or not, she had managed to sever almost any connection she had to anything other than Reese. Reese and her future.

She didn't even travel outside the house most days. If she had to, she would layer up coats and scarves and hats to cover herself, but other than that she avoided it. It was too painful to see the neighbours who had watched herself and Reese grow up. Who had watched Reese turn into what he died as.

The End

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