Maybe it was the compassionate leave she'd been given from school, but Lindsay felt that the next few months were one long, sleepless, teary day.

Reese was what gave Lindsay any variety in her life. Without him, she just did homework, school work and saturday work all the time. Reese was interesting. He did things that he told Lindsay about, and it always made Lindsay smile to hear him tell her something like that. He'd never tell her anything again now.

From the evening when she had first found out, the policewoman had come over every day to see if Lindsay was alright. Reese was her only family, and now she had nothing. One day, the woman finally asked Lindsay what she planned to do now.

"I'm going to stay here."

"No, you can't. You're only seventeen. You can't just stay here alone. You've got to go and stay with some family. Do you have any family?"

"Yes." Lindsay lied.

"Really?" she looked taken aback. "All the records say you had no family left."

"That's because mum left and dad died when I was little. I have- uh - an aunt."

"Can you go and stay with her?"

Lindsay's head snapped up. "No way. I'm not leaving this house. I'm not leaving Reese."

The policewoman held Lindsay's hands. "Lindsay, Reese is dead. Staying here won't bring him back. I'm sorry. You can't stay here on your own."

Now she was angry. "Actually, I think I can. I'm seventeen, I'm legally allowed to do what I like. You can't order me around. I'm staying here, and that's it."

The policewoman looked defeated. "Well, if that's what you've decided, then I can't change your mind." she stood up. "There's no point me staying here then. I'll check in on you every couple of weeks from now on, eh?"

Lindsay shrugged, and the policewoman left. Once she was alone, she started to write a list. What she actually planned to do.

  • Find out what happened to Reese
  • Find out who killed Reese
  • Avenge Reese

The last point seemed to stick in the back of Lindsay's throat as she wrote it down. She was crying by the time she pinned it to her notice board.

  • Make Reese proud
The End

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