Like I PromisedMature

Lindsay's brother is brutally murdered when his gang turns against him, and she finds herself alone in the world, and desparately seeking revenge. Then "Priestly" shows up, and although he seems to hate her, they stand a much better chance of avenging Reece.


A local boy became the 5th male under the age of 25 this month to be murdered on the streets of London in another suspected gang killing. The murder follows a sky-high increase of gang killings recently in the South London area.

Reese Mason, 23, was found in the early hours this morning with multiple serious stab wounds, as well as superficial injuries consistent with self-defence. This method of murder also follows the pattern of other recent deaths in the area, and this has led police to believe that the victims were all part of a large and violent gang.

Reese leaves a younger sister, but no other known family. His funeral will be held at the St Edmund Church at 11am this Saturday.

The End

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