A little foreplayMature

Warm colors and a scruffy tomcat welcomes us. Gray and brown hair covers the feline except for its stark white tail. Rubbing against her leg he purrs,either from happiness or hunger.

Picking up the shit ball by the neck,I lift it up staring into its golden eyes. Was it smart enough to know that I could kill it with a simple flick of my wrist. I imagined its neck snapping beneath my fingers, such power and control. I can't get ahead of myself though. Everything will play out like I want as long as I stay focused.

"and you,you ugly creature are just a distraction.", I yell out before tossing it aside.

With the cat out of sight and mind,I return my focus to the woman of the house. Sitting on the couch,with her back to me,she continues crying letting fear cloud her judgement. Most victims try to fight back(I actually like it better when they do.) but she just sits there crying softly.

I glance around the room admiring the decor.

"Did you do this yourself?", I ask breaking the silence.

Fear still gripping her tightly she only nods in agreement.

I seat myself next to her and grab the stereo remote. Classical music tends to get me going so I change stations till I'm satisfied. Not certain about what may come during the rest of the night I turn the volume up as loud as it can go. With the music loud enough to mask the noise of things to come I'm eager to get started.

The cat has other plans though.Her furry saviour jumps from the counter with his claws ready to strike. His claws find the mark and dig into the flesh of my forearm. Before the blood begins to escape the wound, I grab its tail and slam it to the floor hopefully dispatching the little fucker. Not dead but for sure unconscious, he is on the floor motionless. Suddenly im struck by a memory of my dad and how he took care of the neighbors cat years ago.

I look back at her. Now her tears are drying and for an instance I believe she smirks at me. I lean in and whisper in her ear.

"I'm glad you think that's funny,bitch! Now you have my undivided attention and the rest of tonight will be all about you."

The End

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