Fear chokes back her first  scream.  My gloved hand grips the blond's throat and I apply enough pressure to hurt. The blade of the knife lightly pokes her in the back. Writers use pens to write their masterpieces, I use this knife to make mine. Sweat,tears,and uncertainty mixed with her fragrant perfume assaults my senses. Almost an overwhelming experience, I steady  my hand and take a deep breath, consuming the smell of fear.

Leaning into the woman I feel the warmth of her curves, inviting and sensual.

"Are you expecting any company?", I speak softly in her ear.

Her pulse quickens under my hand . Could she be thinking of an escape? Maybe she is lying to me hoping for my capture. I squeeze her throat harder and bring the knife up to her face. It gleams  under the porch light and her eye catches the shimmering blade and widens in fear.

"I'll ask you once more." "Are you expecting company?", my words ooze confidence and terror.

She slowly shakes her head. A single woman, what a treat for a first practice run. Loosening  my grip and  putting the knife to her side. I push her forward.

"Unlock the door."  

"It's time you gave me the grand tour."

The End

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