Like Father, Like Daughter

Olivia Mason takes a turn parenting in her family when promises are broken.


I approached the table, treating it with caution.  Two ticking bombs sat across from me, legs crossed.

Tick tick tick, the female bomb murmured to her partner.

Tick, the male bomb replied haughtily.

I bit my bottom lip. I don't know what had possessed me to even consider eating dinner with my parents. "Hello..." I mumbled. The time bombs cringed at the squeaking sound my chair made when I pulled it out slowly. Awkward chuckles dripped from my mouth. I would rather feel awkward than apologize to them.

"Good evening, Olivia." They said in unison.

"Was that rehearsed?" An attempt at a joke. Failed.

My mother coughed into her fist. My father maintainted his pretentiously calm facade and patted her on the back.

"It's been a while since we've eaten together." My father pointed out, picking up the salad tongs.

"Yeah... About that..." I held out my plate and he gave me several leaves of soggy iceberg lettuce. "I've mostly been eating in my room. Ramen, usually."

Mother sipped her water and glared at me through the distorted glass. Electricity raced through my spine, shocking each vertebrae on its way down.

"We need to talk." She said. "As a family." Her sheilds went down for a millesecond when she peered at my father, sorrow spread across her face.

Feeling on edge, I exhaled sharply. "Are we even a family anymore?"

My father slammed his calloused fist on the table. "Olivia Anne Mason."

"What?" My eyes narrowed. "Do I really have to keep pretending that I didn't see?"

I was my dad's turn to say "What?"

The words poured out like a torrent. "Dad. Mom's cheating on you."

The End

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