Grady sat up in bed. A dream, only a dream. But how vivid it had been! He couldn’t help but shudder. He shuffled out of bed in the dark and went to his sister’s room. So beautiful she was, despite all her suffering. He let his hand through her hair and sighed. As he got up, a hand suddenly clasped around his arm.
“You’re awake, sister?”
Her eyes were empty sockets, and he yelled. She screamed back.
“You did this to me! You selfish, awful excuse for a brother! I could’ve had a normal life! Why didn’t you realize it was your own fault and leave me be?”
“I didn’t know! How could I know?” he shrieked, clasping his hands over his ears. His mother’s hand removed them from behind. A chill shot down his spine as he found that she had no eyes either.
“I could’ve had a happy family. If you hadn’t been born, I’d still have a husband and a healthy daughter!”
“It was him that got me cursed! I don’t even remember him!” he whispered, and collapsed onto the floor. A noose hung above him, but he screamed and ran out of the room and into daylight.

He woke up a second time, soaked in sweat. The clock read noon.

The End

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