From Ashes to Flesh

[ Canon: ] NBC's Heroes
[ Characters: ] Main: Elle Bishop/Mohinder Suresh
[ Rating: ] Varies. Will add warnings to pages if needed.
[ Summary: ] After learning what had happened to his former partner - Elle Bishop - Mohinder sets out to right the wrong of her death... and accidentally finds love along the way. But can he mend her heart? Can she bring him out of his shell?

Was this an absolutely crazy idea? Yes. Did Mohinder care? No. It was, after all, in the name of science and justice that he was up this early on a deserted beach, his stomach loudly complaining about the lack of morning chai as he worked to uncover the correct area in the sand. According to the coordinates that Hiro Nakamura had given him, he was close. Of course, if this worked, he knew he couldn’t tell a soul. The world could not handle such a power. The world could barely handle the knowledge of evolved humans, much less this.

As the metal detector hovered back and forth over the sand, searching for any sign of life that had once wore jewelry, Mohinder couldn't help the way his mind raced with all sorts of scientific thoughts. With a sudden, loud beep, those thoughts were interrupted and the geneticist sprung into action, lowering to his knees and digging with his bare hands. Eventually he found the treasure along with a human skull. Carefully he held it, staring at it in contemplation for a few long moments before gently setting it down to line up with the neck bone. The jewelry was set aside for the moment before he produced a vial filled with red liquid from his pocket.

Breath held, Mohinder dripped the red liquid along the bones he'd just uncovered, ensuring each fragment got at least one drop. Then silence. He waited, the only thing heard was his own heartbeat, and sometimes the wind. And in his head, self doubts ran rampant. What if I fail? What if I cannot right these wrongs? What if my calculations were incorrect? What if...

Slowly, the sand began to give way to something growing underneath and Mohinder found himself staring, fully hypnotized as the skeleton before him transformed into a living, breathing human. The wonders of all creation were shown to him in that instant and it was the most magical, wonderful moment of his life. Muscle tightened to muscle, while blood vessels connected to form their own little highway before skin appeared to cover it all up into one pretty, delicate, little package - Elle Bishop.

"Dammit to hell!" Elle gasped out, arms reaching into the air as though she was drowning. Without a second thought, Mohinder rushed over to allow her to grasp onto him as he held her safely and securely in his arms and offered a water bottle. She instantly took it and began sipping as though her life depended on it.

"Elle, are you in any pain?" Eyes scanned over her, searching for any signs that something had gone wrong. She appeared fine. Fingers carefully moved blonde locks from her face before his palm rested on her forehead. "Temperature normal," he mumbled to himself before that hand went down to check the pulse along her neck. "And pulse seems stable."

While that was going on, Elle was doing some doctoring of her own by cupping her hand along Mohinder's stubbled cheek while the other hand played in his dark, silky curls, twirling them around her finger. "No pain," she said quietly, a total opposite from a moment ago. She was calming down now, but still had an expression of confusion. "Where am I? How did I get here?" At that she paused, her bright blue eyes catching Mohinder's deep, dark ones. "Who are you?"

The End

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