Like A Lioness

The wedding had been the perfect cover. Minutes before it happened she was laughing with her friends, sipping champagne and ushering the group in front of the camera. She was gone before anybody realised.
Where was Lauren Wright?

The first thing she noticed was the suit. From afar it had appeared to be new and in good condition, however as he’d drawn closer it became apparent that this was not the case. It may have been new at one point many years ago, but those days had passed and taken their toll on the suit. The coat was frayed and beginning to thin slightly at the elbows, and the orange bowtie he wore with it was faded and stained with some unidentifiable substance. Brown tweed was not a material that looked good on anybody and this monstrosity of a suit served only to prove this opinion as the young woman inspected it closely.

The second thing she noticed was the man inside the suit. Coal dark eyes glinted with dull disinterest, and sat sunken in his skull. Inky black tendrils of hair sat slightly longer than high, angular cheek bones, and contrasted with the waxy flesh that stretched unpleasantly over his bones. Standing at nearly a foot taller than her, the man was rested casually with his back against the dirty brick wall of the tiny cafe, looking for all the world as if he had been robbed of his throne. This untouchable allure, this lofty, lounging sophistication could not have been achieved by any other wearing the same horrid suit.

Why, thought Eileen as she remained hidden in her car down the street, Is Lauren meeting this guy?

It perplexed her deeply, the way her best friend had so easily discarded years of trust and friendship with a single lie. Lauren had stared straight into her soul and lied –with apparent ease- to Eileen’s face about meeting their other friend at the cafe. "Janie," she’d told her, "I’m meeting Janie at the cafe to go over wedding plans. You know how she is, all the enthusiasm, but none of the drive."

Eileen did know what the blonde third of their friendship was like which made it all the more perturbing. No matter what, Janie would not simply invite one of them and not the other. They were a trio. Had been since first grade and as far as Eileen could tell, this wasn’t changing anytime soon.

The mousy haired woman was attempting to convince herself that her little afternoon of espionage was quite necessary when the liar in question strolled past the car. There could be no mistaking the shadowy cloud of auburn hair as it struggled to escape the confines of the small knitted hat she wore. Stray curls whipped at pale cheeks in the wind, and Eileen saw the familiar coffee coloured eyes search the man out against the bricks. A grim smile and an almost imperceptible incline of the head was all she gave to acknowledge him before he opened the door to the cafe and led her inside.

Turning the keys in the ignition, the car sputtered pathetically briefly before starting with what resembled a whooping cough. A steely determination set deep within her heart, Eileen slowly pulled out onto the road and minutes later the battered Mustang disappeared around the corner.

The End

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