The ambulance squealed into the emergency room overhang at a faster speed than I considered safe. Then again, what do I know? I'm just the unfortunate rider who was apparently stupid enough to hit my head on a flight of stairs.

A single RN rushed to receive us; they must be busy. The paramedics opened the back door and quickly slid me out of the ambulance. 

"I'm fine, everyone! I can walk!" I insisted to the nurses, halfway sitting up on the stretcher. Wordlessly, two of the men gently pushed me back down and tied the straps. 

My "grandmother" looked on in bewilderment. "Can't you see she can move? She isn't demented, she just bumped her head." One nurse called something over her shoulder in reply about standard protocol, and hurriedly pushed me into the emergency room.

A tech was waiting for us, and she checked my vitals as I attempted to assure her of my fineness.

"Ma'am, it was just a bump on the head. I'm perfectly fine," I mentioned sweetly, praying that she would ignore the sweaty hair and rumpled clothes that claimed otherwise.

"Come on now, it's not my place to judge that," the young tech replied with a knowingly smirk, "Try that smile on the doctor when you see him, K?" 

Grumbling, I was pushed into private room and released from my gurney. As I sat up, I saw a brunette walking away and Etta pushing past her. She slipped into the room and closed the door. 

Annoyed, I looked away and stared at the pictures on the walls. 

"I used to be a nurse, you know," she revealed as she walked up beside the bed, "In World War II, many women were. My mother was one, and she trained me until the day she died." Wistfully, Etta sat down beside me on the bed. "But after my daughter had Auden and Graham, I decided that I should be a full-time grandmother."

As I opened my mouth to reply, the door burst open to reveal a older man dressed in white with a stethoscope. 

He stopped in the doorway, giving us a once-over.

"Why, hello ladies."

The End

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