My blurred vision slowly became clear, only to reveal a shiny white surface and an equally white tuft of curly hair. A siren screamed and echoed all around me. Realizing that I was lying on my back, I awkwardly turned to see the person who had grown that blinding white hair.

"You better lay flat or that driver is going to start yelling at me again," a wrinkled face whispered.

I quickly laid back down, but allowed myself a good once over of this woman first. Tan and lined, she had piercing blue eyes and a beautifully chaotic head of hair. Quite impressive for an old lady, I thought to myself.

"Um ma'am, who are you? Where are we?" I asked tentatively as I stared straight up and tried to ignore the wailing siren. 

She seemed surprised, but quickly covered it with a smile. "You really must've hit your head hard. We're in an ambulance, dollface." I wasn't sure how to react to such a sarcastically fond nickname, so I settled on a confused look. "What the hell are you talking about? I'm perfectly fine! And you didn't answer my question. Who are you?" I asked dubiously. 

The woman leaned over and gently took my hand, a sympathetic look softening her striking face. "You passed out and hit your head on the stairs right after your sister got married to my grandson. Your parents wanted to come, but I insisted that I go instead since I'm your only grandmother alive. Besides, a parent shouldn't have to miss their daughter's wedding reception, now should they?"

I turned my head and gawked at her.

She sighed and let go of my hand. "My name is Etta Greenway. We'll be at the hospital soon," she announced, leaning against the back of the ambulance. "We're probably missing the champagne toast right now."

The End

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