Chapter One: SisterhoodMature

I locked the door. No one, not even the groom himself, is getting through this door until I talk to her.

"It's not too late to say no, Becca," I pleaded, "you can still back down. You're only twenty-one; there are so many guys out there."

My sister stood by the window, looking out on the rolling hills of grass. "I know you don't understand, but I love him. I want to do this, I'm not just marrying him to make him happy. I want kids, Sarah! I want a husband who loves me and won't abandon me, and Auden is the one. You've barely talked to him, and you already hate him," she complained.

I sat down in one of the over-cushioned chairs, sighing. "I don't hate him, okay? I just think you're rushing into this. You've known him what, six months? His family had to fly in from Georgia, I haven't even gotten to meet them yet," I grumbled.

Becca turned around to look at me, her beautiful curls swinging as she spun. "Sar, this is my day. My wedding day. I love Auden, I'm marrying him, and this isn't about you. Besides, his brother flew in today too," she said, winking, "He's cute!" 

I rolled my eyes. She was always trying to hook me up with her friends. But before I could say something sarcastic in reply, the door opened and revealed our mother, holding the door's key. She whisked Becca out of the room, shooting me a sympathetic look.

Groaning, I reluctantly followed, closing the heavy door quietly behind me.

The End

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