Lights Out: Part FourMature

             Asher peered through the leaves on the branch where he was perched, watching Bethel walk back to her car. His eyes were pure white. He was blind, yet could still see all he needed while tracking. And along with his blindness came a strange hunger, one only for souls.

               He tilted his head, ignoring the almost silent sound of Kevyn, now running, down the street toward that house. He smiled at the memory of that night, and his skin stretched tighter across his face. The girl…Tracey, the father had screamed, her soul was so sweet. That was the best taste, the soul of a child.

               Bethel got into her car and closed and locked the door, then put on her seatbelt. Asher grinned. Funny how the thing that was supposed to protect her while she was in the car…wouldn’t.

               He leaped down from the tree and landed on the ground next to her car, watching her as she stuck her key in the ignition. Slowly, he sauntered to her car and tapped on the window. She jumped, startled. Asher smiled, her sudden fear like a shot of whiskey to him. It was intoxicating.

               She rolled down the window. “You scared me, coming out of nowhere like that. Can I help you with something?”

               Asher smiled again, enjoying her sudden plunge of terror at the sight of his fangs. “Actually, you can,” he began. “You see, I’m blind by your standards, and because of that, I have a hard time finding food, unless they’re attracted by good looks, but girls nowadays don’t taste the same way they used to a few years ago.”

               Bethel swallowed and tried to roll her window back up quickly, but Asher broke the glass.

               “None of that now,” he said gently, as if scolding a small child. “Don’t make this any more difficult than it already will be…for you. Now, I would tell you the less you struggle, the less it’ll hurt,” he said as he broke the seatbelt and pulled her through the window, gripping her face and covering her mouth, “but that would be a lie, and I don't like lying. And besides, I like it when my food struggles, it makes my part so much more…fun," he said with a grin.

Bethel started to scream, then Asher covered her mouth with his in an imitation of a kiss. Inhaling, he drew his head back, pulling out something nearly transparent and glowing white-blue from between her coral colored lips with each breath.

After a few seconds, she stopped struggling and fell limp in Asher's arms. He closed his lips and swallowed, savoring the last, sweet taste of her soul. He guessed that Bethel had been in her late forties, based on the richness of her soul. Souls became richer with age, and the older the human, the more filling for Asher and others like him.

Asher stepped back, letting Bethel's empty corpse fall in a heap on the ground. He wiped the edge of his bottom lip, surveying the area around him.

"Now Kevyn wouldn't like it if I left a mess in her territory that she didn't get to taste," Asher said to the corpse. "So you have to look like an accident."

With a reluctant sigh, Asher picked up Bethel's body and rearranged her in a sitting position in the driver's seat. He stepped away from the car and looked at the oak tree in front of him, then smiled.

"Oh, look out! There's a tree there," he said softly as he pushed the car hard into the tree trunk.

The front of the car started to wrap around the trunk and glass shattered. Bone snapped as the car continued going forward. Bethel's corpse flew forward and shattered the remaining bits of the windshield, her blood splattering everywhere.

"Uh-oh, looks like somebody hit a tree," Asher said as he walked closer, surveying his handiwork. "Well, I did warn you," he told the corpse as he leaned in the window and licked blood from her cheek. "Time to go see Kevyn now," he said as he stood and flexed his shoulders. He faced the direction that Kevyn had gone and started running.

The End

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